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Learning French

A few months ago I wrote about starting french lessons! The classes are enjoyable and I feel like I am making progress but the problem is that I can only make one out of the two classes a week and sometimes not even that if mark had to work late.
Of course if I want to really learn a language I need to be practicing a lot more consistently then that and preferably get more help then just once a week!

A couple of weeks ago I saw a tweet asking about wanting to learn a new language and I replied. Much to my excitement I have now been given the opportunity to try out the Rosetta Stone language course. The company is very well renowned and with lots of really positive reviews! I could choose any language I wanted, but of course I chose French! It’s nice to be able to practice french at home and I will be able to chat with a French speaker regularly as part of the package which is bound to be very helpful!

I’m really excited to see how I get on with the course. I’ll continue to go to my french lessons at the school once a week, and I’m hoping that the two combined together will really do a lot to improve my French! Of course the ultimate goal would be that I can speak enough French to help Arthur speak French too!

Learning french

To help me keep track of my progress I’ll do a monthly post letting you know how I’m getting on!

Wish me luck!


Disclosure: I have been given the use of Rosetta Stone french online course for free for the purpose of review but all the opinions given are honest and my own



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