Dr Joanna Helcké online fitness programme review

There are lots of positives about being pregnant in the Seychelles, hello floaty beach dresses ALL the time!!!  But, something that I felt I missed out on when I was pregnant with Arthur, and have been missing out on this time round too, is prenatal fitness classes!

There aren’t any prenatal classes of any kind available here which I think is a shame!!

So, when I was offered the opportunity to review the Dr Joanna Helcké online fitness programme I was really excited!!

Dr. Joanna Helcké is a multi award winning pregnancy and postnatal fitness expert as well as being a Mum of 3.  I definitely feel that it’s nice when any expert in pregnancy, parenting etc has kids of their own!!

When you register for the programme there is a short medical questionnaire to fill out.  This helps the programme be tailored to your own requirements!

Once you are registered and logged in your home page will look a little something like this
Dr Joanna Helcké online fitness programme review
So you have access to:

  • All the videos you have done in the past.
  • This weeks video
  • This weeks “to do” list
  • Meal planner
  • The forum
  • The newsletter

Its nice and easy to use and to navigate around.

I started the programme at week 22 of my pregnancy.
The video for that week was a lovely relaxing 20 minute Pilates work out.  I’ll spare you all from pictures of myself doing this and share pictures of Jo doing the video instead….much better for everyone I think!!
Dr Joanna Helcké online fitness programme review

I really enjoyed the video and found that everything was explained really thoroughly and this meant that I was really confident that I was doing everything correctly and safely!

Jo comes across as really lovely and personable on the videos, she clearly is really intelligent and knows exactly what she’s talking about but without being patronising!!

I have now had three weeks worth of videos and I’m loving it!

The videos are different each week and so far have between 20-30 minutes long which is a perfect length for fitting in with Arthur’s nap time….essential for any stay at home mum!

The videos being different means that not only is it tailored specifically to the stage of pregnancy you’re in but it also keeps things fresh for you too!  You won’t get bored doing the same thing all the time!

I like that there is minimal equipment needed, just a mat (I use my yoga mat) and some pillows.  There are a couple of additional things that can be used, blocks for sitting on (I just used a chair) and a small ball to help but I have found it no problem without.

I’ve found that the intensity for the videos have been just enough each week to know that I’ve done something but without it absolutely wiping me out for the rest of the day, which of course is very important with having Arthur to look after and keep entertained all day!!
Dr Joanna Helcké online fitness programme review

Also each week alongside the video, there’s an additional “to do list” with different hints and tips for extra things you can do to maintain your healthy lifestyle!

I’ve not yet really got involved with the forum that is available on the website so I will be sure to take a look around on there over the next couple of weeks so I can talk about that next time!  I do think it’s nice that this is available alongside the videos!

The cost of the programme is £12 a month.  I think this price is really reasonable.  It can cost this much for an hours class in some places.  With this you can do the videos as often as you like as well as having access to the forum so I really do think it’s good value for money!
You can also take a two week free trial to see if you like it!

I’ll be continuing with the programme so I’ll be sure to do another update soon letting you know how I’m getting on!


*Please note I have been given free access to the Dr Joanna Helcké online fitness programme for the purpose of review but all thoughts and opinions are my own!

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