When your skin starts to fall off!

So I’m not going to include any pictures in this post, when your skin starts to fall off I don’t think any pics are required (or wanted!!)

Around two weeks ago now I noticed a weird thing on my leg.
This thing was around the size of a 10p piece, and looked like a burn. The skin had just come off. I hadn’t done anything to it, no cuts scrapes bangs etc I just had this weird thing on my leg!

I didn’t think too much of it, it didn’t hurt or anything so I just left it.

I happened to be at the hospital to have Freddie’s eye checked (more on that) and I asked the nurse to look at it. She said i should have it ‘dressed’ so she put some cream on and stuck a massive great big plaster on it (you know that old school red bandage tape stuff)

A couple hours later I took it off. i figured if i wanted this thing to heal it would need to dry out.

Well, turned out I was wrong. It didn’t dry out, it did’t do anything just stayed as a bit of a disgusting thing on my leg.

A few days later I had pretty savage allergic reaction to a kitten we had homed the day before; I came out in a huge hive type rash on my chest neck and arms that was burning my skin. We then of course had to give her back much to my dismay. Ive never had an allergic reaction before so I was pretty freaked out.

The next day it wasn’t looking any better despite having anti-histamine cream and tablets. So I took a trip to see the doctor at the hospital. (Just a regular GP I wasn’t being dramatic and taking myself off to hospital FYI!!)

He said that he could see there was an allergic reaction but that it also looked like I had a Staph infection. He was pretty confident that it was the case when I then showed him the thing on my leg.

So, he packed me off with some antibiotics and some creams and off I went.

Fast forward a week and my antibiotics have finished. The original sore has pretty much closed over but it has been joined by a bunch of new ones. The cat allergy rash had gone though so that was a bonus. I have realised that I can tell when a new sore is going to appear because that area of skin burns and goes very red, like a very small specific patch of sunburn. Then the skin just kinda falls off….nice!

I went back to the doctors on the 3rd, this time I saw a doctor who had once described my skin colour as ‘a bit yellow’ so my expectations weren’t high. I don’t think she initially understood that I had finished the antibiotics I was taking because she kept saying ‘but that is the treatment’. Very helpful.
Once she finally got that I’d finished the tablets she prescribed me more. Different antibiotics this time. So I’m currently on them for another week.

over the last few days the ‘cat rash’ seems to have made a return in random patches. I’m hoping that this is just been brought back out by the fact that I had around a 24 hour gap in antibiotics (between old and new).
It has made me wonder if it was indeed the cat that made me have this reaction in the first place since the cat has been gone for over a week now.


anyway it seems that it’s not all fully resolved yet, hopefully it will be by the end of the week!!

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