When it rains…

When you picture the Seychelles, I imagine you probably think of something like this


Well, it’s not always like that of course!!  We get some pretty spectacular rain here.
Generally I love it when it rains here.  However, since August we have had SO much rain, I’m getting sick of it!

It’s nothing to do with the temperature, it’s still very warm when it rains.  In fact, the slightly lower temperature is often very very welcomed!

The biggest problem is that we can’t get out of the house!!!
Apparently our house is built on an old lake so when it rains it’s very quick to flood…brilliant.
We are lucky that our house doesn’t flood but our whole garden does, I’m talking like completely underwater!

When it rains in Seychelles

That picture was taken in August, it’s generally dry at that time of year!
That wouldn’t be so bad on its own but the little path out to the road goes completely underwater too meaning that getting out with two kids is impossible!!  You can do it in a car but during the week Mark takes the car to work.

Initially Arthur was surprisingly cautious of it.  He didn’t go in it at all.  Until one day, actually it was the day my parents arrived in September, he got in and had a fantastic time! The water level had gone down a little from the photo above. He went in barefoot, true island boy style, but I was not too excited about that so I didn’t join the fun!

When it rains in Seychelles

Mum and Dad bought Arthur a new pair of George Pig welly boots and so Arthur now gets excited by the “puddles” and runs upstairs to get his welly boots on!

When we get a tiny bit of rain, or when the heavy rain starts.  The puddles are perfect for Arthur to splash around in.  Koopa likes to play around with him too!

When it rains in Seychelles When it rains in Seychelles When it rains in Seychelles

The morning after I took those photos Arthur wanted to go out in his boots again.  It had rained through the night.

When it rains in Seychelles

When it rains in Seychelles

When it rains in Seychelles
Arthur initially had lots of fun but when he got to the deepest part the water was higher then his wellies and he was not so impressed with that!

Notice the absence of Koopa in these pictures?  I tried to get our big brave guard dog to go out and play with Arthur but he was having none of it!!

When it rains. Puppy in the rain

As I write this our garden is underwater again, it rained a lot in the night!  It’s not raining right now though so fingers crossed it will drain away soon….that’s one of the benefits of island living, the soil is very sandy so water does tend to drain away quicker than you might normally expect!


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19 thoughts on “When it rains…”

  • It seems that it rains a lot in Seychelles these days. When we went on holiday to Praslin at beginning of May this year it rained a lot. I normally don’t mind monsoon time in any hot country as from my experience you get cheaper prices and usually just short showers. So, I don’t even know if it was monsoon time in Praslin in May, but however, this time, the first time ever it was extremely wet, with proper rains spell, heavy and long lasting and Lemuria was a lot under water.
    So, I don’t even know what to make out of this! Is it monsoon time now in Seychelles and how long does it last! I would like another holiday at Lemuria next year, if we can afford it, but these rains got me thinking.
    Thank you for showing us this. I admit the rain is ok in a hot country, as it still hot, but when you have only 10 days or so on holiday….. But, on other hand, with a toddler, you can’t sunbathe much…

  • You’re right, it’s not the image the tourist board of the Seychelles sells abroad!! We get dramatic weather in the south of France which is also known for it’s sun. Only last month there were such violent storms that 20 people died in the towns around mine (it made world headline news) and now in mid November we’re experiencing temperatures in the mid 20s °c. It’s very alarming all this unusual weather and it’s so obviously climate change, how anyone can doubt it is beyond me….
    Phoebe @ Lou Messugo recently posted…Silent Sunday – 8 November 2015My Profile

  • It will flood like that in Vitoria if it rains hard at high tide and it’s even worse in Rio. Cars, buses and people get stranded all over the city. What I didn’t understand is why Rio was so unprepared for heavy rains when it happens EVERY year. It’s not a surprise come April and the rain comes and pours off the mountains into the streets. Yet, nobody in the history of Rio de Janeiro seems to have figured out a way to keep half the city streets from submerging. They are however planning on making all of Ipanema beach a free hot spot. So…priorities.

    Love the pics! Looks like fun!
    Brynn recently posted…5 Things That Can Ruin a Kid’s Day (& the Parent’s as Well)My Profile

  • Great photos and he looks so cute in those wellies. I tell you, Peppa Pig has a lot to answer for in my household. My son is fixated with jumping in muddy puddles. If he sees one, that’s it. Like a moth to a flame! Yours looks pretty attracted to them as well 🙂 #whatevertheweather

    • Ahh thanks!! Haha yes peppa definitely does have a lot to answer for you’re right, I’m surprised peppa pig washing liquid hasn’t been made to help clean up the mess from all those muddy puddles!!! Xx

  • Wow it’s incredible how deep it gets and that’s awful that you can’t really leave the house. But it’s so good that you can make the most and splash about like this. It looks like so much fun and your dog is simply the cutest thing!!!! Thank you so much for sharing this on #whatevertheweather x

  • Wow, that is a rather wet garden! It must be quite nice to wade in it as it’s still so warm! Not what I would expect in the Seychelles, but assume that the rains dont last for too long?
    Thanks so much for linking up to #Whatevertheweather 🙂 XxX
    Jenny Eaves recently posted…Desigual Fun Gift SetMy Profile

  • Thanks for sharing the other side of your expat life – I bet he was soooo happy to be out there in his wellies!!! I know that’s one of the highlight for my kids being back in Oz over winter “do we get to wear our boots?” – a little too wet for my liking though : ) #myexpatfamily
    Keri recently posted…Expat Parenting in RomaniaMy Profile

  • It looks fun from Arthur’s point of view, but pretty inconvenient not being able to get out of the house. The mosquitos are probably not too great either! Here we have our rainy season in summer, although it often rains in autumn too, and when we have heavy rain you can pretty much guarantee that certain streets will flood. The drainage system just can’t cope so within a few minutes of the rain starting the streets turn into little rivers. It usually drains away quickly after the rain eases up, though. Thanks for hosting #MyExpatFamily – I was a bit late in linking up this time, but I made it!
    Ruth @ Mummy and the Mexicans recently posted…The Day of the Dead – 7 reasons to experience itMy Profile

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