Waaaa, twooo, weeee {The Ordinary Moments 15} #9

Arthur has always loved when we count, particularly going up and down stairs!  

What’s really exciting is that now he has started counting too!  It started off with him saying “two” every time he went up and down any step…..I’m not so sure why he started with two but it made us laugh!
Another place it started was whenever Mark wore his ‘tour de France’ Tshirt as it has pictures of of the 4 different jerseys on there: yellow, white, spotty and green (Mark will be impressed that I remembered that!) he would point at them and say “two” and then get Mark to count along with him!  He loved it!!
The only pictures I have of this is really grainy but I’ll share them since it is so cute!  

Waaaa, twooo, weeee toddler counting

Now we have stairs at our house there has been a lot more counting going on!  I’m now unable to go up or down stairs without counting, even if I’m not with Arthur (hello crazy mama!) 

In the last week or so Arthur has started saying “one” although it’s a little more of a “waaaa” occasionally with a ‘n’ on the end! Then following it with a very lovely clear “two” and then sometimes we even get a “weeeee” (three!) 

Arthur thinks counting is a lot of fun, which we love!  He’s learning that there is lots more things to count then just stairs too!!  

So I think we will have lots of “Waaaa, twooo, weeee” to come 



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