Using cloth nappies: 1 year on


Using cloth nappies: 1 year on

We’ve been using cloth nappies for just over a year now.  Arthur was 18 months old when we got them.

In that time Arthur has now fully potty trained (including night time) and now Freddie is in them!

I remember spending so long researching and being nervous about taking the plunge to use cloth nappies.  I’d started looking at it even before I’d had Arthur!  I, like most people I imagine, was nervous about investing a large amount of money in them and then them not working as well as disposables!

I can honestly say that since the day we got our fluffy delivery in the post, we have never looked back!

Using cloth nappies: 1 year later

Both Mark and I find them so easy to use.  We use Baba & Boo pocket nappies.  We have microfibre and bamboo liners that we use for them.  One of the biggest worries, especially for Mark, was that they would be…how can I put it nicely – messy!  They just aren’t!!

When we started out we had 15 nappies, which each came with 2 microfibre inserts, we also ordered an additional 6 bamboo liners, for night time use.

Because I am a worrier, I initially used more liners than I needed and then as my confidence in the nappies grew and I learned the capacities of the different liners I began to use less.

When we had Freddie we got an additional 5 nappies and an extra 10 bamboo liners.   We had the extra bamboo liners so that we could use them during the day as well, they are less bulky and more absorb ant then the microfibre liners.  Freddie was in his full time by 3 months old, this was only because he didn’t fit in them before that.  I’d forgotten just how many nappies teeny babies get through and it was shocking how much our rubbish increased just from disposable nappies!

I have never found our cloth nappies inconvenient when we are out of the house.  If we are going to be out for a while we just shove a plastic bag in our nappy bag.  You can buy proper little bags to put them in, we use a large one for in the house to store dirty nappies in between washes. I would definitely recommend getting one of those!

In regards to washing, we wash our nappies every other day.  The nappies themselves along with the microfibre inserts are very quick to dry.  The bamboo inserts take quite a bit longer.  On a normal day here (pretty hot) they can all be dry in around 4 hours.  If it’s a bit cloudier I tend to leave them out all day.
We also have a washing line that’s under cover for rainy days, if I do my wash first thing in the morning they can all generally still be dry by the end of the day, occasionally I leave overnight.

Aside from all the benefits of money saving and waste reduction, cloth nappies just look SO cute!

Using cloth nappies: 1 year on

I am so pleased we decided to make the switch to cloth nappies, I can’t imagine it being any other way now!

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