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They’re coming!

My parents arrive on Saturday!   I’m so excited!  We haven’t seen them since Arthur was a month old.

Muuuum where are they?!

They will be here for a month and are staying in a really nice (like nicer then our house) self catering apartment.  Of course we have said that they can stay with us but really there isn’t the space, we’ve got two bedrooms and I love Arthur but I don’t want to have him back in our room again!!!!  Anyway it will be good for everyone to have their own space.

This week I am mostly trying to keep really busy (you know because running around after an 8 month old doesn’t keep you busy enough!) so it doesn’t drag.  Its not been really keeping busy with fun things though.  I’ve been doing all those horrible jobs around the house that you put off forever.  Theres nothing like your parents coming to visit to make sure you have a sparkly clean house!!

So this is a quick one as now I need to go and remove dead geckos from door frames and windows…………….still jealous of Seychelles life?

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29 thoughts on “They’re coming!”

  • You must be so excited! How lovely that they are staying for a full month, have a wonderful time together!

    And yes, I’m still a bit jealous (even with the dead geckos!)


  • First off how very very exciting. I know when my family are coming here I get so excited. Nothing makes me busy enough. Totally can relate to that. I am going home for two months in June and I am just as excited leading up to it. I love that you do what I do and save those yucky jobs for when guest arrive! Yes still jealous but you made me laugh. Thank you ever so much for linking up to Share With Me. Love your post each week. Have a blast with your family! There is nothing better. #sharewithme

  • Ha ha, yes, I do the same- I run around the week before my mum comes over catching up on little jobs I otherwise ignore or don’t have time for. You must be so excited!

  • Eek!! So exciting for you my lovely. My parent a have visited us here once since we moved in January 2013 and it was great to see them! Hope you all have a lovely time. Arthur will love all the attention x good luck removing gecko’s, I am not jealous if this particular aspect 😉 x x x x

  • Oh wow, how exciting for you all! (even i feel excited!) Who wants to bet little mr. Arthur gets spoilt rotten? A standard procedure for any grandchild, but for one who’s been dearly missed for 7 months must have accumulated unlimited cuddles/ kisses/ dare i say presents?! & what a wonderful trip it’ll be for your parents. I’m only completely jealous…visiting the seychelles….
    Lovely post xx

  • Oh I hope you have a fantastic time. I loved having family over to visit when we lived abroad, and even better when they don’t actually stay with you so you still have your space as well. Good luck with the geckos!

  • Geckos in doorframes? You can definitely keep those! So excited for you that your parents are coming! I cannot imagine how excited you are, I hope the next few days go quickly for you x

  • How exciting! As for the deep-cleaning when your parents are coming, I have that one at the back of my mind, too… my mum is coming over next month! x Mel #ShareWithMe

  • Ooh how exciting! I bet Arthur will look so different to them now 🙂 Haha definitely not jealous of the geckos! #binkylinky

  • I’m so thrilled for you guys, I just love it when we have visitors! Skype is fantastic but nothing beats being able to share your day-to-day life with the people you love. And then they go home knowing what everything is like and able to visualiseit when you next talk. It makes a world of difference, especially when you get a bit lonely! Know what you mean about the mad cleaning beforehand too. Good luck with them geckos 😉

  • Children grow so quickly its so important that grandparents see as much of them as possible. Its hard when your parents don’t live nearby. I expect they’ll spend the whole time spoiling Arthur rotten and maybe you can have some chill out time. #binkylinky

  • Wow, you guys are going to have the best month ever. No wonder you are so excited and how adorable is that photo of the little man peeking out the window. Love it. Shame about the dead geckos 🙁 have a wonderful time with your family and thanks so much for linking up to #madmidweekbloghop

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