The Vallee de Mai {The Ordinary Moments} #24

I try to get to the Vallee de Mai with Arthur at least once a week these days as he absolutely loves going there.
A while back I posted this all about our first real family walk there and going there truly has become an ordinary moment in our lives. Which is pretty amazing since it’s such an extraordinary place.

Arthur loves to clamber around the rocks, play with little stones, gaze up at the trees, listen to the black parrots whistle their tunes.


Vallee de Mai

Vallee de Mai

Vallee de Mai

I posted this week about our upcoming trip to Sri Lanka at Christmas. Since we’ve had that booked there has been a little adaptation to our ordinary moments in the Vallee de Mai

As it’s not long until our big adventure, I wanted to try out baby wearing again…although now I guess it’s toddler wearing! We will have days out in places that will not be ideal for a pushchair, and while Arthur is a fab little walker we can’t expect him to walk the whole time.

I was lent a Moby wrap and I’ve fallen in love with it. It’s been the most comfortable way to carry Arthur. I’ve been taking it to the Vallee de Mai on our walks. It’s still too much of a walk for him to go all the way around and so I’ve been putting him in there and carrying him for some of it, up the steps and around the parts that are too difficult for him to walk.
Vallee de Mai

Toddler wearing in the Vallee de Mai

Toddler wearing in the Vallee de Mai


It’s been a big win I have to say.
We get to enjoy the Vallee de Mai together. Arthur gets used to being in the wrap, which will be useful for when we are away. I get some really good exercise carrying him up all the steps. Oh and the walks REALLY tire Arthur out so we get a guaranteed good sleep out of him, always a bonus right! But the best bit is that when I carry him in the wrap he gives me lovely cuddles!

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