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The Top 10 Non Tech Gifts For Your Kids This Christmas

With the festive season already upon us (yep my instagram feed is full of christmas trees already!) and shockingly, Halloween already behind us, we are all awaiting the arrival of Christmas.

From adults to young adults and even toddlers, everyone is tingling with anticipation as Xmas draws nearer, not only to celebrate the holidays but also to spend some quality time with family and friends and surprise each other with presents and affection.  This year we have Mark’s parents coming to spend Christmas with us which is exciting!

All over the world, kids are starting to write their lists to Father Christmas.  While we all want to make sure our kids get what they want, as parents, sometimes its nice to have a few extra ideas of our own!

I’ve lined up a few classic non-tech toys for your little ones this christmas check it out!  The best thing about this list is that everything on it can be as high or low budget as you wish!  It’s easy to go over the top and spend loads at Christmas but you really don’t have to!

The Top 10 Non Tech Gifts For Your Kids This Christmas

The Top 10 Non Tech Toys For Your Kids


Kids love books, right from early on they love to be read to, just to hear the sound of your voice.  This later develops into a love of the pictures and then later understanding and enjoying the story!  We always make sure there are books on for our kids under the tree at Christmas!

Colouring Books

colouring books stimulate development of skills that are not only associated with mental activity but also physical such as fine motor skill as well as coordination and decision making skills.  Great for keeping the kids quiet for a little while and encouraging their creativity!

Musical boxes

These are attractive little boxes which produce mellow melodies. This develops the child’s hearing capabilities and also helps them in differentiating between bitter and sweet sounds.

Stuffed toys

These toys are always in popular demand. They are soft and friendly to use. They also help the child play pretend games and develop a sense of nurturing in them. This makes the child considerate and affectionate in older age.

Buckets and spades

Sand buckets have always been a classic choice for outdoor games.  They help in muscular movement and are engaging. Often played with peers, this toy subconsciously develops a sense of acquaintance within the child, helping them socialise.  Buckets are great for collecting all kinds of things you find in the garden, at the beach, or anywhere!  They can often end up in a bit of mess, especially if your digging in the garden, but hey I didn’t promise a mess free christmas list!


Puzzles are quick mind games that stimulate mental activity and sharpen the brain. Colourful and vibrant, they are fun to solve and often on the hit list of children as preferred games.  Perfect for creating a little bit of quiet time for parents that doesn’t involve the TV!

Kitchen Sets

Perfect for every budget, kids kitchen sets can range from the simple to the elaborate.  I love that these days there are so many unisex versions available, as its not just the girls who love to play in the kitchen, my boys absolutely love cooking!! This pretend game helps them understand the need of being helpful with chores and the importance of kitchen tools in order to feed.

Stacking Cups

A must buy for toddlers!!!  We bought Arthur stacking cups for his first Christmas and he still plays with them now!!!  This effective learning toy is used in order to stimulate mental activity through understanding and development of coordination among the children. Not only is the child using their muscles to add or remove a stacker, they are also using their brain to decide when to use which stacker.

Magic Paint Pads

Magic paint pads are really cool.  Arthur was given one of these by some friends of ours and he really loves it, I totally recommend them!!  They are no mess, for a total bonus and this makes them great for travelling, or as a way for keeping kids entertained when you go out for dinner!  They help kids to recognise and differentiate between paintings and colours. With a swipe of the water brush, colours and paintings are revealed, improving the child’s memory.


Scooters, are so great for kids.  It gets them outside, and tires them out…perfect!  Scooters foster kids muscular activity as well as strengthen their stamina and heighten their energy level, helping them grow into healthier and more tolerant people.



Looks like Santa will be extremely busy this Christmas with lots of requests to fulfil! Who knew things children ask for can actually play vital role in their character development. Santa sure has a busy month up ahead!

What non tech toys are you planning for your kids this Christmas?

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  • I like your list. I think construction type toys would be great as well and they don’t have to be the tech version of them just something simple.

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