The first haircut {The Ordinary Moments} #23

The first haircut

The first haircut. The first of hundreds more in his life.

A moment so ordinary yet somehow, the first haircut seemed like a huge deal.

A true admission that our baby really wasn’t a baby any more.

Mark had been saying for a little while that he thought Arthur needed a hair cut. I didn’t want to do it. I love his little curly locks, and besides, the logistics of cutting a wiggly one year old’s hair was not an appealing thought!!

Last weekend, I got Arthur up from his nap and he fell straight back to sleep cuddling me.

We are very into Arthur’s sleep routine but he was so cuddly, warm and looked so peaceful that I let him sleep. I took him into the front room and enjoyed having the cozy snuggle with him. I was playing with his hair and finally admitted to myself that yes, he did in fact need a hair cut.
The front of his hair was going into his eyes.

I asked mark to grab the scissors and comb. So while Arthur was sleeping, he had his first haircut. No stress, no wiggling. It couldn’t really have gone better!
Obviously I’m not a trained hairdresser but I cut Mark’s hair now and you’re pretty safe if you just take the same amount off all over.

The first haircut,before and after.

Yes, the only way the boy will stay still for a second these days is if he has food in his mouth!

So that is it, the first haircut is done. I will keep those tiny curls forever somewhere I’m sure.
To be quite honest he doesn’t really look too different, I’m not sure many people would notice. To us though, this ordinary moment was a huge one.

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