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Sustainable travel tips for your journey to Seychelles

Sustainable travel tips for your journey to Seychelles

I’m sharing this article today I found that was written by The Seychelles Sustainable Tourism Foundation (SSTF). I thought it was a really great piece with lots of useful information for visiting Seychelles. I got in touch and they were happy for me to share […]

Visiting the Vallee De Mai With kids

If you are a regular reader if my blog you will know that we are huge fans of the Valllee de Mai.  It is definitely one of the best things to do here with young kids.  We go with the boys ALL  the time!  It’s […]

The Best Beaches To Take Babies And Toddlers In The Seychelles

A while back I wrote a post with the top tips for taking babies and toddlers to the Seychelles.  I am often asked by people the best ways to entertain their kids while they are visiting the Seychelles.  So, Ive decided that I’ll write a […]

Tips for taking babies or toddlers to the Seychelles

So now we have been here for almost 2 years something I’ve realised is that it really is a great place for little kids, I mean, honestly little kids don’t need too much to entertain them…..days at the beach and swimming is perfect fun for […]

Boat Trips from Praslin island

We have been lucky enough to get to go on some amazing boats and have had opportunities to do some fantastic boat trips.  The boys absolutely love to go out on a boat, for them it’s the best day out! Going on a boat trip […]