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Arthur is 33 months old

Arthur is 33 months old.  The double three this month is a big reminder that we are on the serious countdown to Him turning 3 years old! I have loved this month with Arthur, he has been an absolute pleasure to be around.  I really […]

27 months

Arthur is 27 months old! This month we have had Nana and Farj here with us (my mum and dad!).  They were here not that long ago in May and when they pulled up at our house without prompting Arthur ran over and said “nana, […]

25 months old

Arthur has just turned 25 months old. I can’t believe it’s already been a month since his second birthday, that’s absolutely flown by!! His speech is continuing to improve with what feels like new words appearing every day!!! A new word that has definitely hugely […]

Arthur’s speech at 2 years old

So I wasn’t going to make this into a blog post, but I thought it was the best way to make sure I don’t lose it!! I wanted to record where Arthur is at with his speech.   We don’t know anyone here who has […]