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When baby sleep makes you question everything you know about parenting!

Isn’t it crazy how baby sleep makes you question everything you know about parenting! Freddie is almost 5 months old.  This month his sleep has gone downhill!  He’s always slept so well, getting up 1-2 times a night for a feed. “It’s the 4 month sleep […]

Freddie Ocean is 1 month old

Today our tiny squishy boy Freddie Ocean is one month old!! I’ve been super unorganised and not yet written his birth story but I will get round to it!! In all the cliche ways I don’t know how we are here already, but at the […]

A sleepy change

It’s been a week. Last Sunday night Arthur slept through the night for the first time ever. It was amazing. But, it had a twinge of sadness attached.  Arthur had been having a bottle for all his feeds except the night feed.  Him sleeping through […]

Arthur is 7 months old

Tomorrow (Jan 26th) my little boy turns 7 months old! This months Stats: Weighs 8.01kg (17lb 11oz)  Teeth: 5 At 7 months Arthur now rolls around all over the place so I’m in the process of opening those eyes in the back of my head! […]