Skype (a family get together) – {The Ordinary Moments} #1

Today I’m linking up with Katie at Mummy Daddy Me for the first time!  I’m really excited to join in with the Ordinary Moments as reading these posts was a big reason I started my blog in the first place!

I want to remember the little things not just the Kodak moments.  

The internet in the Seychelles is pretty rubbish!  We pay more for our 9GB slow, pretty unreliable internet then we did for our unlimited internet, phone and sky tv package (including sky sports!) in the UK.

Since having Arthur our weekly Skype chats home have become all that more important to all involved, and, when previously we would very very rarely use video now its essential!!  Arthur is the first grandchild on both sides of the family, they miss him so much and are always desperate to see him!

Every weekend Arthur is held up in front of the camera for a few minutes for various “oohs” and “ahhhs” and “isn’t he gorgeous”.

At 6 months he is now a lot more interactive with these Skype chats and will now give a cheeky grin to the smiling faces on the computer screen saying his name! He also seems to enjoy showing off a new party trick when he learns one such as rolling over, sitting up and ‘talking’!  Ive had days where he’s been really grumpy with me and a quick call to my Mum will cheer him up no end!!  We even had Christmas over Skype when Arthur opened his presents from our families, it was really lovely.

In a pretty amazing turn of events (and surely nothing to do with the fact that now a rival internet company has arrived on Praslin!) we now get an additional 2.5GB free of internet every weekend, more than doubling our allowance!  This has created 4 very very happy grandparents in the UK by having longer Skype time with the boy (and us, although we are becoming a smaller and smaller feature of the conversation each week!)

I’m not sure whether next time Arthur sees our parents (my parents are coming over in March and we are back in the UK to visit in the Summer) if he will in anyway recognise the faces and voices that beam at him through our computer screen on a weekly basis.  I know that for now though he seems to enjoy it, and our parents absolutely love it.  Every time we login to Skype he gets excited and looks at the screen waiting for someone to appear, so there is no chance its stopping any time soon!

Happy Sunday


19 thoughts on “Skype (a family get together) – {The Ordinary Moments} #1”

  • Aww that’s lovely – we Skype and FaceTime our family (although they’re a lot closer) and we joke that my girls and nephew won’t recognise each other without a screen in the way. They do look for each other behind the screen though!

    • Ahhh I love that they look behind the screen for them that’s so adorable!!

      We laugh about that too, might make a cardboard box to go over the heads with a hole in the front next time he sees them haha!

  • Lovely post! I cannot imagine having relatives so far away but love that the internet can make everyone feel so much closer.
    This is the first time I’ve looked at your blog on my laptop rather than my phone and I love your theme – the fishing line coming down the side is hilarious! x

  • Isn’t technology awesome! We live over 250 miles from both sets Toby’s grandparents (and my brother is even further away) – not quite the other side of the world but far enough away that we don’t see them very often. We should Skype more often but we find it so hard to find a time when they’re in and Toby’s awake and not hungry or tired! Do you just Skype at the the same time every week? It must be even harder to organise with a time difference! We really should make more of an effort.

    • It really is!!

      Can be difficult finding time and sometimes it’s only a quick 5-10 mins if timings don’t work out with Arthur being in the right mood!! We just stay in touch during the week and try to arrange a time that’s best for everyone. Sometimes it will just be a spur of the moment one if he’s in a good mood we just send a quick iMessage and try to sort it out!
      I think we speak to our families more since we moved here which is weird (even before we had Arthur we did!) xx

  • Skype is *such* a lifesaver when you’re far away from family! We are scattered all over Europe so it’s been invaluable. My little boy even fell asleep a few times to the sound of my mum and I nattering when he was a newborn! As you say though, these days it’s all about him not us, especially as he now plays virtual peekaboo with them 😉
    I think Skype does also help babies to recognise voices. My son only sees his grandparents every 3 to 4 months but he has never behaved as though they are strangers.

  • I can’t imagine life before Skype and Facetime, and my children ‘see’ more of my family in Australia than they see their family in the UK where we live thanks to technology. It’s brilliant isn’t it!

  • It’s lovely to find your blog and thanks so much for joining in. I can’t imagine what it must be like to live somewhere like the Seychelles, but I bet it is lovely to be able to catch up via Skype. It must have been so hard before these type of things existed, we are so lucky to live in the times that we do. A beautiful ordinary moment! x

  • We can’t live without Skype and FaceTime as our families live all around the world. My little daughter gets to see grandparents and cousins through technology or else the both parities will miss so many important moments together! Beautiful ordinary magical moments shared by you.

    Ritz x

    • Its so lovely how it brings everyone together isn’t it, such important moments for everyone involved 🙂
      Thanks for stopping by, sorry only just replying for some reason your comment went as spam 🙁 sorry!!!! You’ve officially been unspammed now though! xx

  • Although we’re not as far away from family as you, we are far enough that we only see them once every few months so talking online has become really important. Isn’t technology brilliant? 🙂

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