Seychellesmama is 2 years old!

Yesterday I had a lovely little note from WordPress letting me know that I had been blogging for 2 years so Seychellesmama is 2 years old!  Happy blogging birthday to me!

Seychellesmama is 2 years old!  My blogging birthday

I can’t believe it has been 2 years already!  I have become so attached to my blog and so fond of blogging.  I really think it has done so much for me.  Being a stay at home mama is without doubt insanely rewarding and I am so lucky to be in the situation that I can stay at home with my boys, but it can sometimes make your brain feel like it’s turning to mush!  Blogging ensure that my brain still functions!!  I feel like I get better all the time too – by no means do I think I’m awesome at it, but I’m definitely better then when I first started.  There’s so much to learn and I’m really enjoying figuring it all out!

I’ve also ‘met’ so many wonderful people thanks to my blog and now regularly chat to mamas all over the world, I love that this happens!!!  I remember when I started the My expat family linky I was SO nervous that no one would join in, but a year and a half later it is still going strong!

My expat family linky

Im also really excited to be co-hosting another blog linky starting this month called Fit Mamas Club.  I find the blogging community so supportive and so I can’t wait to see mamas supporting and motivating each other through this!  Selfishly it will also help me stay motivated with my fitness too!!

Fit mamas club linky

Of course the main reason why I blog is my boys and while they are my lowest rated posts in terms of stats, my favourite posts to write are my monthly updates in Arthur and Freddie!

Arthur & Freddie

Some really wonderful opportunities have come my way thanks to this little blog too, and I’m so grateful for them all!  I’m even going to be published in a book (more info on that very soon!!), I can’t tell you how excited and proud I am about that!


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