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Seychelles Time

Not so long ago I wrote a post about an average day for me. It led me on to wanting to write down the things we do outside of our daily routine. These things me and Mark call ‘Seychelles Time’. It could be anything from going to the beach, going for a walk, swimming, diving, lunch, dinner. Anything where we are taking advantage of the fact we live in the Seychelles.

It is surprisingly easy to forget that we live in a beautiful place and daily life can often get in the way of that, even here! We make sure that at least one day a week, although preferably more depending on how busy things are for Mark at work, we take some Seychelles Time.

I thought I would do these as kind of a mini series of posts!

So watch this space for updates and take a while to enjoy some ‘Seychelles Time’ with us!



16 thoughts on “Seychelles Time”

  • Hi Chantelle,

    Could I ask you please for recommendations for places to stay.
    We are thinking to travel with our 19 months old baby to Seychelles soon, possible end of February. Any suggestions for best places please?
    We have been to Mahe before the baby arrived, and we just hired a car and found a perfect place through a combination of just driving and reading through Lonely Planet.
    But this time we can’t do that, the little one is going to need somewhere to crash straight when we arrive.
    We are thinking Lemuria, but I am not really 5 star hotel person. But they seem to be hogging some of best beaches for that time of the year, and the beach and the accomodation’s proximity to it is important. I also love little, covy beaches, swimmeable.
    Any suggestions please?
    Thank you

  • Sorry to ask again, would you be able to tell me our opinion on La Reserve too please?
    Apart from the obvious things regarding it, i.e. good for kids, beach….what about the seaweed there in February, March please.
    I like the look of Lemuria, but the prices are sort of…..hmmm
    Thank you very much

    • Hi Sorina.
      Lemuria, the prices are obviously high but the service, food and facilities there are the best, really nice!! Their beaches are cleared of any seaweed so that’s never a problem.
      La reserve is a lovely place, I’ve not spent much time there so can’t tell you too much, other than their pool is great…the biggest on Praslin! Apparently their beach is great for snorkelling but I’ve never actually accessed it!
      I imagine that their beach is also cleared but I couldn’t promise you that!
      Another nice hotel is Paradise Sun, it’s on Côte D’Or so while it’s not a little cove beach the water there is almost always pond flat, and nice and shallow for a long way! They also clear the beach outside the hotel of seaweed!
      Let me know if you have any other questions 🙂

      • Hi Chantelle,

        Thank you very much for the answers. We are now considering Lemuria, but a later date, considered low season, at the end of April, to save some money. I understand that the beach gets cleaned of seaweed, but is the sea clean enough not to spoil everything? Sorry to be so particular, going to such expensive place is all about that little, perfect beach, close to the rooms, Little Anse Kerlan. And their facilities as we travel with the baby first time. Mind you, no one replied to my email sent to them asking if they provide high chair and size of their cots. Our baby is born in same month as your, she is 19 months old tomorrow, but she always has been a quite large baby :).

        • No it’s okay, I had to check with husband at times of year and seaweed…I’m never sure on times of year. He says that technically it will be better on the other side but honestly I’ve never been to lemuria and it be not nice to swim in, and we go fairly regularly since we live so close! I would never promise anything though because of course things can change!!
          Have they replied to your email yet?

        • Oh and they have high chairs that are big I’m sure she will be fine in them, haven’t seen the cots so can’t comment on that!

  • Hi Chantelle,

    I’m really sorry I haven’t been in touch since last time we “spoke”. I have taken your advice and we are now arriving at Lemuria on the 29 April. It has taken lots of time to decide and book everything…..
    I have seen other posts, congratulations on your pregnancy and moving home!!!!
    I really hope that little Arthur is much better now and the temperature is down. Our 22 months old has had high temperature once, really high, we ended up in A&E. Almost 40 degrees. It just went away, but I was so worried. She wouldn’t sleep at nap, she ended up sleeping on me and I got the high fever too.
    But she went to feel better soon, so all fine.

    Have you moved far from Lemuria? Perhaps the little ones they can play together sometimes while we are there….
    As you can imagine, we are sooo much over the luggage allowance…. Could I ask you please if we can easily buy in Parslin bucket and spade for Lauren to play? It feels so crazy to carry that with us too….

    Again, hope everything is ok with Arthur now.


    • Hi Sorina! How exciting that you will be here so soon!! We have moved only about a 5 minute drive from where we were before so only around 10 minutes from lemuria 🙂 so I’m sure we can set up a play date!
      There’s definitely places you can buy buckets and spades from, in lemuria they probably have some you can use if not there’s a shop on site and tourist shops not such a long distance to walk to from the hotel!
      Arthur is feeling much better now thank you it’s definitely so horrible when they are poorly isn’t it!!! Xx

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