Seychelles to Birmingham-We’re here!!!

It’s travel day!!! Obligatory airport selfie shot


As I’m writing this we are about an hour into our flight (6 hours to go!) from Dubai so we successfully completed Arthur’s first commercial flight (Seychelles to Dubai!)

The first flight was around 4.5 hours long and I have been nothing but impressed. Arthur has been so adaptable so far. He’s definitely having an adventure.
The Emirates staff have been so wonderful. He’s had lots of attention and the food he’s been getting has been fantastic. He’s even had some cuddly toys and his own special blanket to keep. I’ve also been given a baby changing pack with wipes, a bib, baby lotion, nappy bin and a little matt to put on the change table….I think this is brilliant. Will be great for taking out and about with us too.

We’ve been lucky with both of these flights that there has been loads of empty seats, and we have had a whole row to ourselves on both flights making things a lot easier for us.


Perhaps the best bit is that on this plane they are showing Frozen…..guaranteed quiet for a while yippee! Arthur won’t keep the headphones on but he’s got them near enough that he can hear.


Anyway this isn’t meant to be a plug for Emirates but I really have been impressed so far!

The two hour stop in Dubai was just the right amount of time to get our first McDonald’s in 2 years!! Arthur had a chicken nugget (bad mama!) he wasn’t very hungry so didn’t eat much but he definitely loved it (who wouldn’t!?)

I’m lovin’ it!

I took a break, so now we are in the UK hurrah!!! I can confirm that the rest of the flight was absolutely fine!  I am so proud of how good Arthur was and happy to sit still for all that time.
He slept for about an hour on both flights. The last hour to Birmingham he got a bit ratty as he wanted to sleep but there was lots of announcements from the pilot that kept waking him up.

We got back to Marks parents’ house and did his usual bed time routine although at about 9:30 (00:30 our time!) he went to sleep really quickly…..

….unfortunately he woke up at 03:30 and was very very awake and ready to play.

Anyway we are here, safe and sound and that’s the main thing!  We are freezing going to have to buy some more warm stuff!


I’m going to stop here, I fear this may be very ramble-y apologies for that I’m very tired.  Luckily I’ll be able to fuel myself on STARBUCKS woooohooooo!!


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