Arthur’s Second birthday | island style

As you may know, Arthur has just turned two years old!
We did a lovely little tea party with our friends for his first birthday last year and wanted to make sure that we did something special for him (and us!) for his second birthday too! 

So this is how we did Arthur’s second birthday, Island style! 
Arthur's second birthday island style

Buying presents here, especially on Praslin is really difficult.  It’s not a case of nipping to ELC or mothercare, or ordering online (hardly anywhere ships here and you can forget shops here having their own website, and if they do it’s like somethig you’d make in your GCSE ICT class) 
So, you have to search the shops that we do have.  Occasionally amongst the tat you can find some gems! 

Rather than a toy, we decided this year we wanted to get Arthur a bean bag or something along those lines.  Luckily, and against all shopping norms here, there is a really lovely little home furnishings shop right opposite school.  The one problem, it’s never open!!  So I eventually got the number and rang the lady who owns it, who agreed she’d meet me there at a certain time so I could look round!  We found a lovely big cushion so snapped it up!  

Arthur’s birthday was a Friday this year so Mark had work.  The night before we brought the cushion downstairs and blew up some balloons for him to make it fun when he came downstairs!  
Arthur's second birthday

I took him into school that day to play with the ‘big kids’ and as always, he had a blast!!  

Arthur napped (his birthday treat to me!) and while he did I baked a cake and cupcakes in preparation for his birthday picnic the next day!)

That afternoon we took him to the pool at the hotel across the road from us and had birthday milkshakes!!  
Arthur's second birthday
We also did Skype calls home so that our parents could see Arthur open the presents they had sent over for him! 

He had a birthday cupcake after his tea, where I had my mama fail of the day….I couldn’t find our candles ANYWHERE….so he had tea lights to blow out instead.  Not the he could actually blow them out mind you! I think it’s fair to say he wasn’t bothered about the candles….he scoffed his cake!!

His birthday picnic was the Saturday, we decided against inviting any kids and having a proper party and keeping it small with our friends!  I made home made pasties and the cake I’d baked the day before. 
The weather unfortunately wasn’t great and the ocean was pretty rough at Anse Lazio (our beach of choice!) so we didn’t swim but Arthur had lots of fun running around the beach and taking us all one at a time to go see the giant tortoises.
Arthur's second birthday anse lazio

Arthur's second birthday anse lazio

Arthur's second birthday anse lazio
Of course he (well, all of us actually) stuffed our faces with lots of yummy treats!  He also drank a totally insane amount of Fanta which he’s never had before and thought it was the best!!!

We had some sparklers to go on Arthur’s cake which I was excited about (had forgotten about these the day before!)…unfortunately they wouldn’t stay lit.  We think this was down to humidity, I’ve never seen sparklers go out before!!!

Arthur loved everyone singing happy birthday to him and so there were a few renditions of it while he danced!!

We then stretched the birthday weekend right out to Sunday by having a nice lunch out at one of our favourite spots Paradise Sun hotel.  The lunch is yummy and the view isn’t bad either!!
Arthur's second birthday

I think all in all our little guy had a great birthday weekend.  We had lots of amazing family time together, we all ate far too much cake and he got some lovely gifts!  What more could a two year old want!?

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