Poorly {The Ordinary Moments 15} #11

Arthur has been poorly this week.
Thursday I had a midwife appointment and while we were there I noticed he was quite warm.  He hadn’t eaten very much at breakfast time so I gave him a yogurt when we got home.
A little after that I gave him some calpol as his temperature was getting higher.

Then my poor little guy was sick, twice.

Arthur is never poorly and has never been sick like that, it was really sad.  He handled it so well though bless him.  I cleaned him up and then we snuggled up on the sofa.
He probably did not get much chance to get any benefit from the calpol before he was sick and his temperature did not really go down.

All he wanted was to be snuggled with me.
I’ll be honest, all I wanted was to be snuggled with him too, for him to be better.

We ended up having two days of mostly being on the sofa watching movies or in Arthur’s room reading stories.

Bed times were what I struggled with the most.  Our little bed time routine for Arthur is always such a lovely time for the three of us and things were just not right.

The first night he ate a little dinner and drank his milk.  Bed time routine was mostly the same.
When Mark and I went upstairs to bed we heard Arthur laughing so we went into his room he was totally delirious.  We gave him more calpol and cuddles and he was soon back off to sleep.
It was so hard to see him like that, just not with it at all.
The second night was perhaps worse.  He’d not had any calpol in the afternoon as his temp was down after nap time.  However by late afternoon it had crept back up.  We decided to wait till bed time to give him medicine so he could have a good nights sleep.  He didn’t touch his dinner and drank hardly any of his milk.  He then basically passed out on his bed after having his medicine.  His temperature was high all night and his sleep was a lot more broken.

Luckily by Saturday afternoon Arthur seemed to be a lot more himself.  He ate most of his dinner, which probably ended up being more than he’d eaten since Thursday!!
Bed time was a lot more “normal”.  We had stories and cuddles.
Arthur didn’t wake up until 8am Sunday morning which is I think the most he’s ever slept!!!!

It obviously did him the world of good as he’s got loads more energy today!  We even did a little beach trip this morning, had a splash around, looked at fish and built sandcastles!  He got tired faster than usual but we still had fun!

I’m so happy that Arthur is on the mend.  It’s been awful for Mark and I to see him so poorly.
We did get lots of lovely cuddles though and though he was very clingy, he was never upset or grumpy with it.  We were so surprised with how well he dealt with it all!
It did also serve as a good reminder that he really isn’t poorly very often though and so it’s definitely something to be thankful for!


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