Our UK trip (things are coming together)

Okay so it’s now one week till we are in the UK (eeeeek!!). Things seem to be coming together now and currently I’m feeling a little more relaxed about it all!

We had a busy weekend with some commitments at the school but we also did a big clean up of the house and loads of washing.
The people who are looking after the house for us while we are away arrived yesterday. They are staying with us until Thursday and then they are in a guest house until we leave.

Until Thursday, Mark and I are in with Arthur. He woke up at 5 which he hasn’t done for quite a while and then wouldn’t go back to sleep because he was very excited we were in his room haha!

On Monday evening we fly to Mahe and stay in a little guest house near the airport. Our flights for that have now been booked so that’s one less thing to worry about. Our flight is Tuesday morning so being close to the airport is ideal!

Digging out suitcases made us realise just how many “just in case” warm clothes we brought over here with us, so we are taking the opportunity to take to all back with us and get rid because it really isn’t needed…ever!!

We have booked our seats on the plane which is a big relief too. I was really impressed with the Emirates website it was really easy to book seats, see meal arrangements etc.

In terms of things for Arthur that seems like it’s all coming together too. I had a lot of lovely comments last week reassuring me that I didn’t need to worry to much about that anyway as I can buy everything I could possibly need there!!!

Packing (apart from the warm clothes) hasn’t really progressed but that’s fine I’ll get that sorted from Thursday when there’s a little more space in the house again.

Now, don’t let this sense of calm I’m portraying fool you, the pre-trip panic will, without doubt, return. For now, Mark is ensuring there is a good rum supply in the house in an attempt to keep it at bay!!

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