My Mother’s Day weekend

So I’m sorry as I’m sure everyone is totally over Mother’s Day by now but I haven’t had chance to write about mine yet, and it was my first one so I’ve gotta get it written down!

As far as I can gather Mother’s Day isn’t celebrated in Seychelles. If it is there is certainly no big deal made of it and no holidays here are commercialised like they are everywhere else I’ve been!  There are no special mothers day cards, gifts etc!

Despite it not being a big deal here its something we still celebrated and I was lucky enough to have my mum and dad here too so we could all celebrate together!

On Saturday, Mum and I went to the gorgeous Waterfront Spa at the Black Parrot Suites in the Coco de Mer Hotel.  The view from the treatment room is absolutely amazing, we both had the ‘Signature Scrub’ which was made up of honey, sugar and orange.  After the scrub you have a shower which looks right out onto the Ocean its so so beautiful I didn’t want to get out.  That’s followed by a massage using an oil that is suited to your “element”.  Apparently I’m fire….that didn’t surprise anyone too much!!!  I didn’t take any pictures there, but here is one from their website.

Waterfront Spa treatment room


On the Sunday we all had a lovely day when we went for Lunch at the Beach Bar and Grill in the Constance Lemuria Hotel.  It’s a gorgeous place to have lunch.  It is built into the rocks and overlooks the beach, the food was absolutely incredible.  Dad treated us all to a lovely bottle of champagne!  Arthur had a little bit of everyones food but mostly he loved the chocolate Ice cream!!!


Pretty view at the Beach Bar & Grill


chocolate ice cream treat!!
chocolate ice cream treat!!

We went onto the beach and had a swim afterwards. The weather was pretty overcast and in the morning we had some pretty epic thunder which was really needed to break up some of the humidity! My mum is a big lover of storms so she loved it! Arthur’s little Billabong swim/sun suit is so cute. Mum and Dad brought it out for him, we’ve been getting lots of use out of it already, he seems really happy and comfy in it too!

Cuddly boy
Cuddles with mama
Swimming :)
Swimming 🙂


So that was my mothers day weekend, I loved it!  I hope you all had a lovely time with your families!

6 thoughts on “My Mother’s Day weekend”

  • It sounds like you had a great Mothers Day – Don’t worry, my Mothers Day post is up this week sometime!
    Arthur is growing up far too quickly, he looks like a proper little boy in the chocolate face photo! x

  • Oh, just read your post. That’s very strange I grew up in Seychelles and Mother’s Day was celebrated in March just like in the UK. Now, I am not sure as I keep seeing posts in March and also in May. However, I clearly remember it being very much celebratd in March as I used to buy cards for my mum. Now I celebrate it in May as I live in Trinidad (they celebrate it 2nd Sunday in Ma just like the US).

    • Hi Ann! Thanks for stopping by 🙂

      It is a funny one. It doesn’t seem to be a holiday that is ‘celebrated’ all that much here these days. I guess that will be partly down to a lack of in your face advertising for it all over the place!!!
      This year my boys did come home with a Mothers day card made in school on the British Mother’s day though. So, I assume that is the ‘official’ mothers day here!!

      Hope Trinidad is treating you well 🙂

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