Mummy’s little ‘helper’ {The Ordinary Moments} #18

It’s time for the Ordinary Moments.

I’m seeing more and more Arthur wanting to do what we are doing. I absolutely love watching him copying us and him being Mummy’s little ‘helper’.

He absolutely loves going round with the broom, something Mummy and Daddy do a lot of is sweeping!!




Here he is ‘helping’ Mummy bake! (Photo taken just before the mess appeared!!)



He’s also very ‘helpful’ with clearing out cupboards.



He he is also super ‘helpful’ when we hang out the washing.  I’ve not got a picture of this yet I’ll be sure to do that!

In case you didn’t get it, ‘helping’ or any form of the word in this post refers to being not at all helpful!!  The thing is, is that his little concentration face is so pouty and just gorgeous that I don’t care if something ends up taking all day or not getting done at all I love watching him.  He is always so proud of himself too when I tell him he’s helping Mummy or Daddy.

I will definitely enjoy Mummy’s little ‘helper’ for as long as I can I’m sure it will be no time before he doesn’t want to help any more.  It’s a little ordinary moment in our day that I love.

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