Mama’s make up bag {the ordinary moments} #15

It’s time to link up with Katie for the ordinary moments.

Arthur is really into emptying bags and boxes and filling them back up again at the moment. The one that he enjoys the most, more than all his toys is my make up bag.

Since living here my make up bag is on the extreme minimal side (will be topped up this summer that’s for sure!) but even so, I can understand why it’s so interesting to him, lots of different shapes and colours, liquids, solids and all the inbetweens!

There isn’t a day that goes by where I don’t find this scene


I love watching the concentration on his little face as he goes about his very important task of emptying everything out, taking lids off everything and putting it all back in again (minus the lids).

As I don’t wear make up hardly ever here (the poor people of the Seychelles, I know!) he hasn’t yet started to copy and attempt to put any of it on which I am greatful for, not because he’s a boy but because it’s difficult to get anything decent here to replace it, no popping down to boots!

Another one of the ordinary moments that make up our day!

I’ve just right now realised as I was about to hit ‘publish’ that this is also the last  ‘the ordinary moments’ post I will do where Arthur is under 1, his birthday is on Thursday.  What a reality check of how fast things have gone, and how pleased I am that I join in on these posts!!!  The ordinary moments change so fast things that were once ordinary become replaced so incredibly quickly, I’m so happy I have these little moments recorded!

Happy Sunday


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