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So it feels like it’s time for a little update. I don’t have any huge or particularly exciting news to share. But, I thought it might be nice to write about (and hopefully read about!) what we have been getting up to since the Christmas Holidays. I promised myself I would do more of this kind of writing this year, as I really do love it. It is always good for making me get out my proper camera too – I’ve been terrible with that recently. So, here it is a little bit of our life lately.

Right now!

Currently, Mark is away in the UK doing interviews for new staff in September. It’s always tough when he goes away, but I feel like the boys and I are starting to get into the swing of it a little now. Like we kind of have this mutual understanding that things are a bit different and we go a bit easier with each other.

This morning, for example the boys got into bed with me and we watched a movie, snuggled up together. I know that’s nothing ground breaking or exciting to most but it’s something we don’t do all that often, and it was lovely. So lovely in fact, that the boys insisted we did the same at lunch time. So, we took a little picnic onto my bed! The boys thought it was the best thing ever!

Time With Friends

With the boys getting older they are more and more keen to do stuff with their friends. This is great because they have friends whose parents are our friends (yay!) so we get to do stuff all together! The cinema on Praslin has just started getting more reliable again, after a LONG time of closure/total unreliability. There seems to be two movies on every weekend with one being aimed at kids. So, a new routine is emerging where a few of us take the kids to the Sunday afternoon showing. At 75scr a ticket it’s not too expensive either! You can even book online (when the website isn’t down!)

My Mum and Dad ordered bikes for the boys for Christmas. They only arrived at the end of last month #smallislandproblems . I must say though that it is actually kind of nice that they came later as they had a lovely Christmas with lots of gifts and this was like Christmas all over again for them. Honestly, they are obsessed with their bikes. They are riding them as much as they can (even around the house!!). They are getting so confident on them I’m sure it won’t be long until they are riding without stabelisers. The nicest thing is that they love riding their bikes with the girls down the road (their mum and I are obviously out there with them too.)

Life Lately - new bikes!


School has been going pretty well for the boys so far this year. They were both off for a little while with being unwell but they are both fine and back at school now!

I’m really happy that they are both SO happy to go into school every day. I think while they are both still so young (5 and 3) there is not a whole lot more that I could ask for.

Freddie’s teacher tells me that it’s like he has always been there. He fitted in straight away and just laps it all up. He really loves it all. I do laugh though whenever anyone tells me how well behaved he is though. He is without doubt the mini dictator at home, I guess I should be happy that he is such a good boy at school!

Arthur has made huge improvements with his reading and he is now starting to really enjoy it. You can see how proud of himself he is and it’s honestly beautiful! It’s not all fantastic though, I had to speak to his teacher on Friday because he apparently has developed a little bit of an attitude of late. I’m hoping it’s just a little phase! I love that we can work on it together with school to try and get to the bottom of it!

Family Time

A positive to the end of nap times in the day (mostly) is that our days can be so much more flexible. We can head out when we like without having to work around nap times. It is really nice! Lately we have been loving taking longer walks all together which has been so fun.

Of course, with the novelty of new bikes we have spent a lot of time up and down our road with the kids too!


I feel like I’m pretty settled into life with both of the kids at school now. It definitely took longer than I thought it would to feel normal! I’m currently looking at ways I can start working here. I won’t say too much right now in case it doesn’t work out but I’ll be sure to update on here if and when I have some news on that!

In related news I’ve been doing an online course in Social Media Management. It’s been so nice to do a course. I’ve never done one online before and I have really enjoyed it.

Mark and I had an absolutely amazing night out just before he went away. He took me to Les Rochers restaurant for dinner on Valentines Day. We’ve never eaten there before – although I have been for coffee a few times in the day time. It was honestly so fantastic. I 100% recommend a visit there, although it is not cheap at all, it’s an unforgetable visit for special occasions!

So I think that’s kind of all for now! We get Mark back with us on Sunday and we can not wait! He has no more work trips planned now and so we can start to get excited about our own travel plans in July! It’s been so nice writing this post. It has reminded me of when I first started my blog, and I always used to write posts about what we were up to!

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  • Hi, ,we are planning on visiting Praslin Island at the end of this month and I’ve had a look through your blog as we will be travelling with our two kids (5 and 3). Sounds like an exciting place to visit with lots to do. This blog is great!

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