In the garden {The Ordinary Moments) #17

At the moment all Arthur wants to do is be outside in the garden. I say ‘in the garden’, technically we don’t really have a garden per say. There’s no area fenced off that is ours, living here is very open. Most people do not fence off their houses. Anyway, I dirges, when I say ‘in the garden’ I mean the general area around our house.

He doesn’t want to play with toys out there, in fact he shows no interest in them at all.  All he wants is to walk around and have a good old look at everything.  So the vast majority of our time right now is spent doing exactly that.

image image image image image image

Sometimes he wants to wonder off by himself.  Sometimes we have to be holding his hand, other times he walks around with his best buddy Smudge (next door’s cat)!

I love just watching him wonder around, picking up a leaf, rolling some dirt between his fingers, going into and out of the shade, feeling the dusty track beneath his feet and then wondering onto the grass.  The rock he has his foot on in the third picture is actually an old piece of coral, it feels quite nice, its all ridge-y.

We are very lucky here to have the weather that means Arthur really can be outside most of the time.  He naps during the hottest part of the day and then has his lunch, so although we of course still have to be careful with the sun, he misses the sun at its harshest.  I love that the big coconut tree provides lots of shade onto the path so he can wonder around there with no worries of the sun.

This is a very very ordinary moment, enjoyment doesn’t really come more simple than this. It’s the kind of moment that we dreamed of before we moved here, the simple kind of life we wanted for ourselves and our family. It’s little moments like this that make me sit back and remember how lucky we are to be living here.

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