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I am the Mum who….

I have been nominated by the lovely Polly Mixtures in the “I am the Mum who…” tag.  So without further ado

I am the Mum who...
I am the Mum who

  • Is so happy that I have the opportunity to be a stay at home Mum
  • Laughs at her toddlers tantrums
  • Is obsessed with Arthur’s sleep and routine!
  • Continuously doubts my parenting skills despite my husband constantly reassuring me!
  • After Arthur’s bed time, always feels unbelievably guilty if I’ve got cross with him that day!
  • Still cant quite believe that soon she will be having another baby!!
  • Has only just realised in the last couple weeks that I need to slow down a little this pregnancy (in my 3rd trimester!)
  • Hopes more than anything that Arthur and his baby brother will be the best of friends!
  • Is so proud of having her babies abroad, and the life that they will have because of it!
  • At the same time feels guilty for having babies away from their grandparents.
  • Has diagnosed her son with every illness known to man, thanks to Dr. Google!! (He’s always totally fine of course!)
  • After two years falls more in love with Arthur everyday!
  • Knows that this little boy bump is coming into such a loving family, and can’t wait for him to be here!


Im going to nominate

Mum turned Mom
Pasta and Patchwork
Baby Globetrotters

If they’d like to share 🙂



8 thoughts on “I am the Mum who….”

  • Lovely list! So agree that like you, I am so grateful that I get to be a stay at home Mum to MM and witness all her firsts. I also get a lot of grandparent guilt too! And I am always questioning my parenting skills! Lots of snaps! Does Arthur go to nursery at all? I can’t figure out whether to send MM for a few hours a week so she has more of a chance to socialise.. Random thing to ask I know! X
    Polly Mixtures recently posted…I am the Mum who..My Profile

    • Haha definitely a lot of snaps there!!
      I take Arthur into school once a week the local nurserys here scare me a little so I take him in to play at the international school where the smallest kids are 3, I stay with him the whole time we are just there a couple hours he loves it, I think for learning to socialise with other kids it’s fab as there aren’t any little kids clubs or anything else here I could take him too! Xx

  • What a lovely list – sadly mine would be nowhere near as genuinely sweet and loving, more like one long list of disasters like baking Kelp Cupcakes (and conned the children into eating them). Actually now I say that I think there is a blog post in that somewhere! I do do the guilty bedtime thing though….
    Ersatz Expat recently posted…One Year In MalaysiaMy Profile

    • Haha I think it’s all the pregnancy hormones making me gooey!!! Kelp cupcakes is genius…I’d say that’s good parenting right there 🙂

  • Thank you so much for tagging me lovely! I adore your list, it’s so sweet and genuine. I should really take a leaf out of your book and laugh at the toddler tantrums too – they still completely overwhelm me and I daresay I’ve had quite a lot of practice now! Xx
    Eline @ Pasta & Patchwork recently posted…Toddler WobblesMy Profile

    • You’re very welcome lovely 🙂
      Haha I probably shouldn’t laugh, there are definitely days where they test me though!!

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