Guest post: Seeking Expat Mamas for a PhD study

I’m sharing this post on behalf of Leah, a PhD student and British Expat Mama living in Sydney.

Seeking expat mamas for a PhD study

Please take a read and it would be great if you could help her out a little too!

Over to you Leah.

Hello, I’m Leah, I’m a British migrant, living in Sydney with my husband and my two sons.
Seeking expat mamas for a PhD study
I’ve always thought of myself more as a Londoner, than British, but that’s probably for another post. Anyway, I’m an expat mum and currently a full-time PhD student, which is where this guest post comes in.

I am studying migrant mothers and how we use online communities. The first part of my study is a survey open to migrant and expat mothers living anywhere in the world. I’m hoping to capture a wide range of experiences to inform the rest of my study. The study is about how and why mothers use online communities and networks as part of their migration and mothering experiences, and I hope the study will provide useful information about how women cope with these life-changing experiences.

So if you are:

· a woman aged 21-55

· the mother of at least one child under the age of 5

· living and raising your child in a country which is not the country of your birth/upbringing, and you have been living in that country for 10 years or less

then please complete the survey here:

The next stage of the study will be interviewing mothers living in Sydney, so if you happen to be one of those, feel free to get in touch! In the meantime, please do pass the survey link on to any of your friends who might be interested, or post it on your blog / Twitter / Facebook page etc.

I look forward to hearing what you’ve got to say!

Many thanks


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