Goodnight Sun {The Ordinary Moments} #27

The other night we went to watch the sunset and say  “goodnight sun” .  It’s something that is very ordinary, but,  it’s something we very rarely do!  It was a beautiful sunset and we really enjoyed watching it.

The temperature is really nice outside at that time of day, I don’t know why we don’t go and watch more often!

With the Seychelles being almost on the equator the sun always sets around 6-7pm so it’s a great time to be able to take Arthur!

The two islands you can see in the background of the first photo are called Cousin called Cousine (Male and Female cousin). Cousin is a nature reserve, I used to volunteer there monitoring turtles nesting before I had Arthur. Cousine has a little hotel on it and is very exclusive, with us not being multi millionaires we’ve never been there!!
goodnight sun

goodnight sun

goodnight sun

goodnight sun

I wish I could claim photo credit for these lovely photos but they were taken by our good friend Oli who was visiting us!

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