Getting back to ordinary {The Ordinary Moments 15} #1

After almost 3 weeks in Sri Lanka, Christmas, and Mark being off work for 4 weeks for Christmas holidays (yay for international school term times!). We are starting to get back to ‘ordinary’ day to day life!

We have not been back a week yet, but it’s amazing how you just slip back into things as they were. What has amazed me even more is how well Arthur has dealt with this.

Okay, the first night back home was a bit rough (due to a 3 am then 5am wake up call courtesy of Arthur!) but apart from that he’s just got straight back on with it!

Aside from that first night though, his sleep has been amazing, his little head is probably filled with lovely dreams from all the wonderful things he’s seen!

He’s loved having all of his toys again, being back in his own lovely comfy bed with all his bed time buddies in there (we only took his bestie combo bunny & blanket with us!)
Getting back to ordinary

We are so lucky that as a teacher, Mark gets fantastic holiday time. It’s always so lovely to have him home for extended periods of time! He goes back to work on Monday and so it will be just Arthur and I again during the day! It will be nice getting back into a proper routine again but we will definitely miss having him home!!

So my first ordinary moments post of 2015, I guess, is more of a transition of getting back to ordinary, but I think it still counts!!

I absolutely loved joining in with the ordinary moments link up last year. It’s so wonderful to celebrate those beautiful little ordinary moments. They can pass by and change so quickly. I know these are the posts I will enjoy looking back on the most.

So here is to 2015 and all the beautiful ordinary yet magic moments it will contain!





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25 thoughts on “Getting back to ordinary {The Ordinary Moments 15} #1”

  • Aww, sounds like you’ve had a lovely time off together. Glad you’re looking forward to the normal routine. I’m trying to get an idea of what our new ordinary is going to look like… love the idea of Arthur having lovely dreams after all he’s seen in the festive season. Just wonderful xxx
    Alexandra @dontcallmestepmummy recently posted…Silent Sunday {2015} #1My Profile

    • Thank you, we really did! I always think it’s good to get back into routine after the hectic ness of holidays…especially Christmas and all the indulgences it brings!!! Xx

  • I’m so excited to read of all your Christmas adventures Chantelle – It all sounds amazing! And well done little Arthur for settling back in so quickly. Happy New Year lovely lady xx

  • Oh wow – three weeks off together sounds amazing! There is something nice about getting back to normal too though, I know there was one day in between Christmas and New Year that we made as mundane as possible for our girls and I think you could almost see them sighing in relief at it all being something they recognised!!
    Carie recently posted…A First for the FirstMy Profile

  • That cot is just gorgeous! This is why I’m training to be a nursery teacher…the holidays! LOL. But also because I love working with the children. It’s so nice when you can enjoy the holidays as a family though and not have to worry about working between.
    LauraCYMFT recently posted…What We Did Last Week #1My Profile

    • Ahh thank you Laura, I absolutely love his cot. When we got it, it was in a poor state of repair (it’s around 20 years old!) we put hours and hours into restoring it haha! Xx

    • It really is lovely to get back to routine, as hard as it can be sometimes!!!! Hope your first day back to reality is going well lovely xx

  • Sounds like you had a lovely family Christmas break and how lucky being able to travel to those amazing places. I am sad about Mr E going back to work tomorrow as I have loved our quiet time off, but we are really lucky in the fact he is only back for 2 days then we are off on holiday for a week. Happy New year again to you lovely, and to Arthur and Mark too. X
    Katie @mummydaddyme recently posted…{The Ordinary Moments 15} #1 ‘Family Days’.My Profile

    • Oh how nice to know you have a break away coming up, that’s fab!!
      We definitely are so lucky to be able to get to such cool places from here, excited to look back on the photos with Arthur when he’s a bit older πŸ™‚ xx

    • He really is so lucky, I am excited to show him the pics when he’s a bit bigger and showing him the cool places he got to see!!
      Know what you mean the fear of that is definitely a real one haha!!! Xx

  • Hope you had a lovely Christmas on your travels. It is always quite nice getting back to a normal routine but I do wish our holidays were just a little bit longer here!
    Sounds like Arthur has coped with it all brilliantly, what a little star xx
    Not A Frumpy Mum recently posted…Our Christmas In PhotosMy Profile

    • Thanks lovely we really did have a lovely time! We are totally spoiled with holiday time here it’s so nice!!! Arthur was so good bless him!! Happy new year πŸ™‚ xx

    • Thanks lovely, yes it really was!!
      Haha yes know what you mean! Had to take Arthur to have an injection, cue tears and tantrums and fever for rest of day πŸ™

  • Oh Arthur’s cot is so beautiful! I know what you mean about getting back to normal. Hubby has had nearly three weeks off over Christmas aside from two night shifts at New Year and he’s back tomorrow. It will definitely take some adjusting! x
    Donna recently posted…Living Arrows – 1/52My Profile

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