How to Get Rid of Pet Smells from Your Home

You might love your pet more than anything else in the world, but are you as fond of their odor? Having a pet is the best, but the smells they leave behind can be very trying.

Traditionally pets were always kept outside.  Nowadays, however, they are allowed to cuddle up on the sofa when you’re watching TV, snuggle up in bed with you, and take trips in the car. Such constant companionship comes at a heavy price: all your furnishings and even your clothes are going to have that pet smell (eau de wet dog anyone?!) . Try some of these ideas to get rid of pet smells from your home.

how to get rid of pet smells from your home

Use Your Washing Machine

Many of your soft furnishings are going to be machine washable so using your washing machine will make quick work of the cleaning and remove smells quickly and easily. Always check the care label on the items before putting them in the washing machine, and make sure the temperature is set right. Wash cushion covers, duvet covers, pillow cases, rugs and anything else your dog’s been lying on.   It doesn’t have to be a big long hot wash.  Even a ‘quick wash’ setting at a low temperature makes a big difference!

If you can, hang your washing outside to dry.  This stops any smells being absorbed while they are drying.

The Power of Baking Soda

This common store cupboard item is very useful when it comes to removing doggy smells. For furnishings that aren’t machine washable, sprinkle baking soda over the surfaces, and leave it to rest for a few hours, or overnight. The next morning, vacuum up the baking soda, and you’ll be left with a fresh, clean smell. The power of baking soda comes from its absorbent properties that draw odors out of fabrics and materials.   I can confirm this is also a total lifesaver when you are potty training your kids!!

Call in the Experts

Professional cleaning companies have all the necessary tools in their toolbox and know all the best methods for removing pet odors from your home. Make use of their services for a one-off clean to get you back to square one, this can sometimes be written into rental accommodation contracts!  Or if you can, hire them on a more regular basis. Visit to find out more.

Vacuum, Vacuum, Vacuum!

You can keep on top of pet dander by regularly mopping hardwood floors, but for your carpets, the only way to deal with pet hair is with a daily vacuum regime. Carpets are great for keeping your feet warm, and they also look good. Unfortunately, they also act as a magnet for hair, dust, and dander. Using a powerful vacuum is the only way to go. You really do need to vacuum thoroughly every day. Don’t forget to include your furniture, especially all the cracks and crevices. Empty the canister regularly and clean out the air filters frequently, to ensure they’re always working efficiently.

You love your animals, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you love their smells! No one wants their home to smell like their pets!  Doing a little every day will make a huge difference!

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