Freddie is 7 months old

Freddie is 7 months old.

Freddie is 7 months old

So we are officially in the back half of his first year!! The time so far has absolutely flown by and considering it only feels like 5 minutes ago that I had Arthur let alone Freddie I know it will continue to do so.


I think Freddie has decided against having any teeth now! I can’t believe he still doesn’t have any! (Arthur had 5 by this point!)


Our little guy is getting REALLY strong now. He can sit up no problem and he even stands up holding on to a coffee table or anything he can get hold of! He’s trying to pull himself up by himself too, and I know it won’t be long before he can do it!!

He’s not crawling yet – I think his plan is to skip crawling and just start walking so he can be just like his big brother!! He’s actually not far off this either, he want’s to go and can sometimes shuffle forward a little. He can pull himself all the way around just not really forwards yet! He’s also at that frustrating stage where he just flips over every time he tries to crawl properly. He gets very cross that he can’t do it!


Sleep. This month we have been working hard on sleep and for about a week things were looking golden; we had nights where he wasn’t being fed at all but then waking up at 4:30/5:00 to start the day. We then had some great nights where he was just having one feed and getting up around 5:30/6:00.

Freddie is 7 months old.
Then we all of a sudden we seem to have slipped back to 2 night feeds. It’s getting me down, but, I need to be more positive as this is still loads better than last month.

I’ve been comparing sleep to Arthur but I need to stop, as by this time I was in the process of switching to formula for Arthur and stopping breastfeeding completely. I’m not yet decided when I will stop breastfeeding this time around.
Also, with Arthur we had to do some real serious sleep training whereas its not been anything like as stressful with Freddie.

He is still having three naps a day, 1 hour at around 8am, 2 hours at about 11am and 45mins-1hour at about 3pm. Bed time is between 6:30pm and 7pm


Weaning is going well. We are now doing lots more baby led weaning and Freddie now gets a little annoyed if I try and get him to eat anything that involves me feeding him! He’s been chowing down on broccoli, carrot, apple, banana, porridge, pasta and homemade bread. I also have been starting him with some meat, I’ve been dicing up some chicken really finely and mixing in a creamy sauce with mash potato and spinach.
Freddie definitely has his eyes on everything we are eating and has pinched a couple of mini cheddars off Arthur here and there! You can’t sneak anything past this boy, he definitely knows if you’re eating something different to him and he wants to be involved!!


Freddie is still very much loving the water. They boys often have a cool down splash time together in a day and they have so much fun.  Arthur is still very much the one who Freddie loves the most!!  No one makes him laugh or smile like his big brother!  Its so amazing to watch!


I decided while I wrote this to have a little peak at my post for when Arthur was 7 months old.  It was lovely to have a read of it.  They are developmentally so similar, I kind of thought that Arthur was further ahead than Freddie but they really do sound spot on!

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  • Lovely and great pics! Freddie sounds so like my second at this stage, she was so desperate to walk like her older sister. In the end she took her first unaided step at nine months 🙂

  • Hey

    I just came across your blog…You have such beautiful children. I have an 18 months old girl. I have 2 kids the oldest is 6 and a half year old. I noticed that baby boys are much more difficult at night and tend to feed more. But now I’ve noticed that my baby girl instead of waking up once mainly around 12.30am she wakes up 3 times(23.30,2am and 4.30am). We too live in Seychelles don’t know if it’s because of the heat or what…But I’m still monitoring to see how it goes.

    • Thanks Samirah! Its hard work when they wake so much at night time isn’t it 🙁 the only way we managed to stop it with Arthur was by doing sleep training, it wasn’t nice for a week or so but it worked very quickly! Fingers crossed for a better nights sleep for you soon!

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