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Freddie is 4 months old

Argh, I am over a week late with this….I suck!  

Freddie is 4 months old.  

Freddie is 4 months old

His eyes are still very very blue, they are beautiful.  Sometimes they appear darker blue and sometimes rather light, Arthur’s were really dark brown already by this point, so it will be interesting to see if Freddie’s turn brown or stay light!  

Every day we are so amazed with how wonderful he is.  He continues to be the happiest baby I’ve ever come across.  Seriously, he’s such a little smiler!

For the first time though, we had some time where he wasn’t, and it was heartbreaking.
Freddie had his 4 month check up which included his immunisations.  He got a really bad fever from it.  It was horrible, he wanted to be held all the time, understandable.  The hard bit was that he didn’t want to be moved, at all.  He was really suffering, it was so hard to see, particularly since he’s usually so so happy.  2 days after his injection he suddenly came out with a rash.  
As with every rash the boys ever get, I did the glass test.  Then I panicked, the rash was non-blanching (didn’t disappear under the glass).  By this point his fever had pretty much gone and aside from being a little grumpy he was a lot better.  However, the rash was enough to make us get him checked out at the hospital.  He was seen by the doctor who said he thought it was a viral rash, but not anything to worry about.  The nice thing was that he reassured me that we had done the right thing bringing him in to be checked.  Doctors here aren’t famous for their bedside manner so it was really nice to have some reassurance.  Within a couple days he was back to his amazing self!!

I was pretty sure Freddie would have a couple of teeth by this update but he’s still a little gummy bear.  I can see his bottom two teeth under the gums but they’ve not yet come through.  He has been struggling with them and been biting down lots, the teething find have been getting lots of action!!

Between teething and being poorly, sleep has been a little disrupted towards the end of this month but things are settling down again now.  We seem to be back at 2 night feeds as opposed to the pretty regular one we were at, but still it’s not so bad.
We make sure he goes down awake as the general rule.  I wanted to be sure not to get into a routine of ‘feeding to sleep’ like I had with Arthur.  It’s amazing how much more freedom this gives us, but I think that might be its whole own post for another time!

Freddie is starting to get pretty good at rolling onto his tummy from his back, he’s even gone from his tummy onto his back a couple times too!

Freddie is such a thumb sucker, it is so cute! A bonus that it helps him to self settle too! I reckon it will start to get on my nerves when he’s blocking his face in photos all the time, but for now I still think it’s the cutest thing ever!

4 months old.  Thumb sucker!
He is absolutely loving Arthur right now, he can’t help but smile or laugh when he looks at him.  It’s one of the most gorgeous things watching their relationship develop.  

I’m hoping that this month Freddie pops out those teeth that have been bothering him and our smiley amazing little guy can be back on top form.  

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