Freddie is 10 months old

Freddie is 10 months old!

freddie is 10 months old

This little guy is most definitely becoming his own person this month.  He’s started to assert himself more and more.  He most certainly is not a baby any more (cue sobbing from this mama!!!)

Freddie is 10 months old

Freddie is now walking round all the furniture like a little pro!  We’ve had plenty of bangs and bumps though, but luckily nothing as bad as we had last month!

He is so chatty now, he loves to let us know how he’s feeling, particularly if he’s not happy about something!!  We have a most definite ‘Mama’ happening now which is so nice, although he generally uses it when he’s upset about something and wants my attention!

There’s been a pretty big shift in the household dynamic this month with Arthur starting school.  It’s the first time ever that Freddie and I have had any real consistent time just the two of us; he’s most definitely lapping it up!  We get back from dropping Arthur into school and we have been going for walks, reading stories and generally just having a nice time together!

In the last week Freddie picked up his first cold.  This can’t be a coincidence that it happens to be just after Arthur started school!  It’s been tough, he’s not slept well and has been a bit of a grump with it.  It’s been really hard as he’s always been so laid back.  He’s been sure to still give plenty of smiles to everyone at school though!
His grumps have caused him to be a little less tolerant of Arthur’s sometimes over-zealous affection which is kinda sad but maybe good to show Arthur that Freddie is not his dolly!!

Luckily Freddie is bouncing back well from his cold, and it’s nice to have our happy boy back again!

freddie is 10 months old

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