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Exciting News!

I have some exciting news to share! A couple months back I was contacted by a lady called Chrissann, she runs a site called Women Who Live On Rocks.  It’s all about, well, women who live on rocks…….ok, Tropical islands to be more precise!  These Tropical Island dwelling ladies get together to blog about ‘the charming eccentricities of island living’ i.e the stuff that would seem pretty strange to anyone else! So Chrissann liked my blog and asks if I’d like to get involved and contribute to hers!  I was really excited as it would be a chance to write in a slightly different way to how I do on this blog, talk about more of the weird stuff that goes on here in Seychelles, outside of my little Mummy bubble.  It was really fun to start writing for this, as having lived here almost two years now, I realised that some of the oddities seemed a whole lot less odd to me these days.  It was good to take a fresh look at the things that go on! My first post has just been published, so I’m officially now a ‘woman on a rock’ and I’d love if you would check it out and let me know what you think!  Here’s the link It’s a really good blog there’s some really funny posts and it’s a great insite into island living so take a look around and check out a few of the other posts on there!  It may just make you feel a little less jealous of the tropical life!   copy-cropped-WWLOR_final-logo-full_KCN2

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