Exciting #myexpatfamily news!

I am really happy to be sharing some exciting #myexpatfamily news with you!
Exciting #myexpatfamily news
There have been 10 #myexpatfamily blog link ups so far and I can’t tell you how happy I am that it’s still going strong!!  A huge thank you to everyone for joining in with me each month!  I always enjoy everyone’s posts and it’s been so amazing getting to know you and your blogs!!

This month has seen the most people link up ever so another huge thank you for that!!

Okay, so back to the news!!

Along with the lovely Keri from Baby Globetrotters, #MyExpatFamily will be expanding into an interactive online community!  So there will be a chance to join in weekly chats on Twitter and share your expat family photos on Instagram throughout the month!!

We wanted to get some real conversations and connections going and we think this is the perfect way to do it!!

Of course, my monthly link ups will still be continuing!!

So, how can you get involved?

Starting from Monday 1st June Keri and I will be hosting twitter chats.
The first one will be 11am GST (8am British Summer Time / UTC+4) but we can change this for future chats if needs be!!
We would like to do a weekly theme to guide and get conversations going 🙂

So the first theme will be: “The Move” and we will have a couple of questions ready for you to get those tongues (errr fingers??) waggling!!

We have set up a new Twitter account @myexpatfamily and will continue to use the hashtag  #myexpatfamily – please come and connect with us now

We’ve also created a MyExpatFamily Instagram account and we’d love to share your pictures, just use the hashtag #myexpatfamily and we will re-post the best.

Don’t forget to drop me a request to join the Myexpatfamily Pinterest board too!


We would love to know what you think!  If you have any questions or suggestions do let us know!!

You can tweet us @chantellevr and @babyglobetrot and we will certainly be spreading the word across all our social media platforms!!

Excited to get started!!!

Exciting #myexpatfamily news
& Keri
Exciting #myexpatfamilynews

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