Daddy’s breakfast {The Ordinary Moments} #21

This week is a short little ordinary moments post that peeks at a tiny piece of our weekday mornings….Daddy’s breakfast.

We are all up between half 5 and 6 every day (dictated by Arthur not us!!). First thing in the morning Arthur drinks some water and then he has his bottle of milk.
During the week Mark is out the house by 7am to go to work, so he has his breakfast before Arthur and I have ours. Ever since he was small Arthur has realised that this is an opportunity to get an early snack (actually this is how Arthur got his first ever taste of food stealing some of Mark’s porridge!).  He knows he can have some of Daddy’s breakfast and will do all the kissing up required to do so. That or he will kick off until he gets some, but either way he gets some!!







I love watching these two together, in this little routine in the mornings!  Arthur always looks so pleased with himself every time he gets a mouthful of whatever happens to be Daddy’s breakfast that morning!  It’s like a little victory he chalks up every day!  The annoying thing is that he really will eat whatever it is but then if I serve him it for his own breakfast he will sometimes turn his nose up at it, cheeky monkey!!

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