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Coming out of the newborn bubble

Yesterday we said goodbye to mum and dad as they head back to the UK (via a couple day stop off at Dubai!) after a really lovely two weeks.

Actually, it always has to be more of a ‘see you later’ to help me be less of a mess that I always am every time they leave!!

This means that it’s time for real life as a family of 4 to start.  We are officially coming out of the newborn bubble!!

Coming out of the newborn bubble
Mark has been back at work for three weeks now but we’ve only had 4 days of that where I was at home by myself with the boys, and it was teachers week so no kids in.  This meant there was nowhere near the same amount of after school commitments there usually are for Mark!!  I also knew that soon Mum and Dad were arriving!

So, as of today, I’m by myself during the day with Arthur and Freddie while Mark is at work!
Honestly, I’m nervous. I hope that I can keep them both happy!  I hope that I find a way to get us out the house on a regular basis!   I hope that we can find a good routine – in a perfect world that would be one that contains a time while they are both napping – yes I feel you laughing at me but a Mama can dream right!!

We are very lucky that, so far at least, Arthur has been amazing with Freddie and has shown no signs of jealousy.  That should help us, I really hope that this doesn’t change!!
I also really hope that Arthur soon figures out that it’s better if he doesn’t wake Freddie up while he’s sleeping!!  That it means I can give him my 100% attention.

Something else that is going to hugely help us is that we have hired a cleaner.  I’m aware that this makes us sound ridiculously over-privileged, and I guess you’d be right!   However, it’s very affordable here in Seychelles to have a cleaner and I am so happy we have her.   We are one of the last people we know not to have a cleaner!  She was recommended to us by a friend and she’s fantastic.  She’s really nice, reliable, trustworthy and fantastic at her job.  She comes three afternoons a week and it not only frees up my time to be with Arthur and Freddie, she does a way better job than we ever did and the house looks amazing!!

So wish me luck as our adventure truly begins!!  Any tips to keep two small kids happy would be very much appreciated!!!

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14 thoughts on “Coming out of the newborn bubble”

  • The very very best of luck to you and your two lovely boys! I’m sure that, as with all things parenting, there will be ups and downs but it´s great that Arthur seems to be getting used to his baby brother easily. And yay for the cleaner! We had someone come in once a week when we lived in Milan, and she was worth every cent – clean house and a MUCH less grumpy me! You have enough on your plate already, so don’t feel bad xxx
    Eline @ Pasta & Patchwork recently posted…Moving to Sweden | One month inMy Profile

  • You will be absolutely awesome and the routine will find you eventually. It’s just so lovely to see both your little boys so happy with each other. I can’t believe I have two little boys still, I think it’s going to take a bit of getting used to. One day at a time ..it’ll somehow fall into place xx
    Notmyyearoff recently posted…It’s A Boy!My Profile

  • You will be fine! As soon as you’ve had your first few days you’ll get into your own routine with the boys and realise that you do know what you’re doing! I’m sure there will be difficult days but there will be amazing ones too 🙂 And, I would have absolutely hired a cleaner if I could have, it will make everything so much easier for you. Lovely photos of your two boys xx
    Hayley @hayleyfromhome recently posted…Living Arrows {38/52}My Profile

  • dont feel guilty about the cleaner! As well as help for you, you’re also providing someone with a decent job.
    As for tips for two, boy I wish I could remember!!! TV, DVDs, etc, again, use them and don’t feel guilty. Baby wearing. Sticker books. Get Arthur to help with Freddie (can you bring me the nappy etc), but I’m sure you know all these. Mark do bath time with Arthur when he gets home so both boys are getting one on one time and Arthur feels more special (Freddie won’t know any difference).
    And remember….it gets easier!!!

  • Good luck you will be fine! And don’t feel bad about the cleaner, you are providing someone with much needed employment which helps them to provide for their family with dignity. The only people who should feel guilty about having help in the house are those that abuse them!
    Ersatz Expat recently posted…A step back in time…My Profile

  • Hiring a cleaner is such a good idea and will hopefully make things a little easier for you. Congratulations on the arrival of Freddie – it is a little sad when you emerge from the newborn bubble isn’t it? Good luck with getting to grips with juggling your two gorgeous boys on your own – I am sure you will be just fine (although no doubt there will be moments when you don’t feel like you are!) 🙂 #twinklytuesday
    Louise (Little Hearts, Big Love) recently posted…From the mouths of babes #38My Profile

  • Ah the end of the newborn bubble! Really – it seems like only five minutes ago, has it really been so long?! Good luck with everything, I am sure that you’ll be amazing. It is so lovely to hear that Arthur is getting along famously with Freddie – it gives me hope! And don’t worry one jot about the cleaner – you should have got one ages ago! X
    Jen @ 4,128 miles recently posted…Potty training – my top 10 tips My Profile

  • Aww I haven’t dropped by for a while, we have been in a baby bubble of our own. Your boys are lovely and I wish we could afford a cleaner!! Somedays it is tough giving each child the time they need but hopefully as you say you will find a routine that suits you all, I hope it goes smoothly for you all x
    Loving life with little ones recently posted…Little 3 at six months oldMy Profile

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