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Expat Saving Tips and Ideas Without Compromising on Lifestyle

Deciding to leave the comforts of your home is something that most people would balk at. But the thrill of settling in a new destination is hard to resist for many. You get to experience a new culture and immerse yourself in a different language. […]

A Guide to International Removals for a Stress-Free Move Overseas.

A Guide to International Removals for a Stress-Free Move Overseas.

It can be easy to overlook the importance of organising your international removals when moving abroad. Choosing to live overseas is one of the most exciting decisions you can make. It is also one of the biggest, and there are a number of factors to […]

Cost of Living in Seychelles – Food

Cost of Living in Seychelles – Food

A while ago I decided that I was going to start doing some posts about the cost of living in Seychelles.  It is a topic I get asked about a lot!  Recently, I covered the cost of utilities; electric, water and gas.  This time I’m covering food! […]

How to Get Rid of Pet Smells from Your Home

You might love your pet more than anything else in the world, but are you as fond of their odor? Having a pet is the best, but the smells they leave behind can be very trying. Traditionally pets were always kept outside.  Nowadays, however, they are […]

Five Fun Ways to Stay in Shape

  Do you find yourself doing the same thing when you’re working out?  Always going for a run, or always heading to the gym? Trying out a new activity that will help you stay in shape is a great way to get out of that […]

Taking Care of Your Family’s Health Overseas

Whether you are on holiday or planning to move to a new country, one thing you need to consider is the health implications for you and your family. There are several aspects to consider if you want to have a happy trip and avoid any medical problems when […]

You Can Make Your Dreams Come True

It’s something a lot of people dream about, moving to paradise islands like the Seychelles.  But how many of them are prepared to do the work? To put in the effort to make that dream a reality? If you truly long for a change in […]