Daddy’s breakfast {The Ordinary Moments} #21

This week is a short little ordinary moments post that peeks at a tiny piece of our weekday mornings….Daddy’s breakfast. We are all up between half 5 and 6 every day (dictated by Arthur not us!!). First thing in the morning Arthur drinks some water 

Trips to the Park {The Ordinary Moments} #20

Something that became an ordinary moment for our little family this summer was trips to the park. For the first couple of weeks the weather was mostly kind to us (despite the fact that Mark and I were freezing in the mornings and evenings…..wooly socks 

A “broken” routine {The Ordinary Moments} 19

Before we went away we knew that we would have a “broken” routine for Arthur. ¬†We were totally okay with that. It would be hard work when we came back here, but it would mean that everyone would be able to have a good time 

Mummy’s little ‘helper’ {The Ordinary Moments} #18

It’s time for the Ordinary Moments. I’m seeing more and more Arthur wanting to do what we are doing. I absolutely love watching him copying us and him being Mummy’s little ‘helper’. He absolutely loves going round with the broom, something Mummy and Daddy do 

In the garden {The Ordinary Moments) #17

At the moment all Arthur wants to do is be outside in the garden. I say ‘in the garden’, technically we don’t really have a garden per say. There’s no area fenced off that is ours, living here is very open. Most people do not 

Mama’s make up bag {the ordinary moments} #15

It’s time to link up with Katie for the ordinary moments. Arthur is really into emptying bags and boxes and filling them back up again at the moment. The one that he enjoys the most, more than all his toys is my make up bag. 

Family walk

  Now Arthur is walking we were excited to take him to the Vallee de Mai for our first proper family walk together! It’s an amazing place to go and we are so so lucky that we get to go there for free with our