Bed time story {The Ordinary Moments} #28

This week I’m heading back inside for our ordinary moments after a few weeks over sharing some of our outdoor ordinary moments. I’ve always loved our bed time routine for Arthur. Something that’s been consistent for him since he was tiny. It’s amazing really how 

Goodnight Sun {The Ordinary Moments} #27

The other night we went to watch the sunset and say  “goodnight sun” .  It’s something that is very ordinary, but,  it’s something we very rarely do!  It was a beautiful sunset and we really enjoyed watching it. The temperature is really nice outside at that 

Anse Georgette {The Ordinary Moments} #26

It’s been half term this week here and it’s been lovely to really get out and make the most of living here in the Seychelles as a family! I particularly enjoyed our trip to Anse Georgette. This beach is so close to us and it’s 

Raising a beach bum {The Ordinary Moments} #25

With being born and now growing up (very fast) in the Seychelles, Arthur was destined to love the beach. We are well and truly raising a beach bum! He was first introduced to the beach at 1 week old. He’s been a regular little beach 

The Vallee de Mai {The Ordinary Moments} #24

I try to get to the Vallee de Mai with Arthur at least once a week these days as he absolutely loves going there. A while back I posted this all about our first real family walk there and going there truly has become an 

The first haircut {The Ordinary Moments} #23

The first haircut. The first of hundreds more in his life. A moment so ordinary yet somehow, the first haircut seemed like a huge deal. A true admission that our baby really wasn’t a baby any more. Mark had been saying for a little while 

Yoga mama {The ordinary moments} #22

Okay so usually my Ordinary Moments posts are all about Arthur. This week I’m switching things up a little because this one is about me! We’ve been back in the Seychelles for just over a month now, since being back I’ve really got into my