You Can Make Your Dreams Come True

It’s something a lot of people dream about, moving to paradise islands like the Seychelles.  But how many of them are prepared to do the work? To put in the effort to make that dream a reality? If you truly long for a change in lifestyle, you need to work towards your goal, not just hope you’ll win the lottery one day! It’s a big move, but if it’s what you want for your life, then the effort you put in to make your dreams come true will be well worth it.

What are you going to do?

If you could just fly overseas and spend your days doing whatever you wanted, then everyone would be doing it! You need to have a plan for what you’re going to do when you relocate. Then work towards getting a job lined up or setting yourself up as a freelancer. You’ll need to make sure you understand the visa requirements and the employment legislation before looking for a job. There are great websites and services available that can help you sort these technicalities out.  Some of these sites can also help you out with job hunting too.

make your dreams come true

Financing your move

You’ll need to raise some capital to ensure you have enough money to cover the relocation and setting yourself up. That might mean working for a few more years in your current job.  If you’re thinking about freelancing, say as a writer or running your own business, it’s better to start work on the project before you move, so you haven’t got everything going on at once. It’s also better to be established and bringing in work before you move, so you have a level of security. The great thing about working from home is that you can live almost anywhere you like thanks to the internet. That means it’s perfectly feasible to set your business up in one country and transfer to another with minimal disruption.

The transition period

Once you’ve committed yourself to a move, you need to be dedicated to achieving your savings goals and getting ready for your new job. If you’re going freelance, you need to get the business going before you move.  Getting your business up and running while still working is NOT going to be easy.  You could look at moving to a part-time position or more flexible working hours. This will allow you time to build up your new client list. Have a look at employment opportunities near you that could offer you the flexibility and free time you need, for example check out websites such as www Walmart com careers to find a suitable role.

Living your dream life is something that can come true, providing you are serious about making the change and putting the work in to achieve your goals. If you have the ambition and determination, you too could one day be making your dreams come true on the sun-kissed beaches of a tropical paradise.make your dreams come true

2 thoughts on “You Can Make Your Dreams Come True”

  • Good advice. Of course dreams don’t just come through by themselves. One thing I’d like to add is that no matter how well prepared you are, life in your new location will never be the way you’ve imagined it. I’ve made more than half a dozen moves to different countries, and I’m always surprised by how the reality of life in a new place is so different than what I had expected. That said, it’s always an adventure!

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