Broom Broom {The Ordinary Moments 15} #5

Arthur has started “broom broom brooming!!!!”

One of his first words was car and for a long time he has been obsessed with wheels, and can often be seen with one of his cars or trucks upside down spinning the wheels!

Broom Broom

So we for a little while now have been telling Arthur “the car goes broom broom broom” and now he does it too!  It’s so cute!  He will say it as he pushes his little cars around, if we push him around in a box or when he sees our car!  

But what he REALLY loves is driving the car…..
Not actually driving it, obviously!  But he loves to stand in the drivers seat, play with the steering wheel, beep the horn and play with all the other buttons and leavers (which luckily, with our car being an old Barbie jeep doesn’t have too many that he can cause any damage with!!!)

Broom Broom
I’ve been a bit of a bad blogger and not yet taken a pic of this, but here’s an old one from the summer when he got his first taste of car driving with my mum and dad!!

This is our first little glimpse of Arthur’s imagination coming to life!  It’s so cute and magic to watch!!  I think like most parents, seeing your kids making up stories and games all from their imagination is something that we definitely look forward too!!!





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