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A “broken” routine {The Ordinary Moments} 19

Before we went away we knew that we would have a “broken” routine for Arthur.  We were totally okay with that. It would be hard work when we came back here, but it would mean that everyone would be able to have a good time with Arthur, and that was the most important thing!

At the moment there is only a three hour time difference from here and the UK (changes when the clocks go forward/back there as they don’t change here!) so considering how far away we are that’s not so bad! It meant that jet lag wasn’t a huge issue!

We arrived to the UK in the evening and we had forgotten how light and long the evenings were! By the time we got to Mark’s parents, given Arthur his dinner and bath it was WAY past his usual bed time! He then woke up at 4am which was a bit of a killer!!

Following that first night a new little routine was established reasonably quickly, for the evenings anyway! Arthur would still have his dinner around 5:30 followed by a bath (he loved the baths we don’t have one here so it was a mega novelty for all of us!). Then it would be PJs on and a little run around with in the night garden on in the background! Bed time ended up being between 7 and 7:30 in the evenings. Mark and I let everyone else do story and bed time with Arthur while we were there. Even though it’s our favourite time of the day with him it was really nice for everyone to get that time with him.

While we were in Leamington Spa with Marks parents Arthur was in the spare room and in general he slept pretty well, waking up at normal time 6ish sometimes a bit earlier and sometimes a little later.
In Plymouth, mum and dad wanted to have him in with them and he ended up being a bit of a monkey, he would stir around 5ish, see they were in the room and that was it, he wanted to be up playing with them! Of course they were very tired but I think they loved having him in since morning snuggles are the best 🙂

Nap times were pretty hit and miss, he would always sleep during the day but pretty often it wasn’t his usual 2 hours. He started falling asleep in the car a lot too which he hardly ever does here! I’m not surprised naps weren’t totally normal there was lots of fun to be had so sleeping would be low on the priority list for him!

Arthur went through a little bit of a fussy time with eating while we were there too, I think that was down to lots of grazing throughout the day!

Anyway we have been back home in Seychelles for 5 days now and we have been surprised at how quickly Arthur has adapted back into normal nap times! Fingers crossed so far he hasn’t been as fussy either with food!

I think that having the routine a little out the window for a while has been really good for us! I know that I for one can be a little bit crazy and obsessive with Arthur’s routine and so it’s been good to see that our little man hasn’t broke by going to bed a little bit later or not getting a full two hour sleep every afternoon!!

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