Being a blogger…

I was tagged by the lovely Donna from What the redhead said in this great tag about being a blogger, what it means to me and how I find it. Well, here goes…

Being a blogger

Before I started blogging I never really understood what the appeal was with writing a blog.
I got a glimpse of the blogging world once I had Arthur, through twitter seeing some lovely mummy bloggers.
So i started my own blog and I got my first taste about what being a blogger meant.
At that point being a blogger meant being able to keep a kind of diary of our expat family life here in Seychelles, and to being able to record all of Arthur’s milestones!

It didn’t take long for me to realise that being a blogger also meant being part of a community!  There are so many wonderful bloggers out there and I was delighted to ‘meet’ some other lovely Mummies I could chat to!

I was excited that people were reading, commenting on and apparently enjoying my blog!!,
The competitive side of me loved seeing my stats rise!!  Being a blogger is very addictive!

I have also realised that blogging can be a little ‘all-consuming’ and for me, being a blogger is also about knowing where and when to stop!!

Now I’ve been blogging for around 18 months I’ve had a tiny peek at how blogging can become a career!
I have earned a couple of pennies from it and I would love to get into that a little more!

But for me, my first two points are still by far the best bits about being a blogger.  Having a family record and being part of the blogging community!


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