Arthur has started school

The time is here, Arthur has started school.

Arthur has started school

We are so proud of how our little man has got on.

I have taken Arthur in to school to play at get used to it for a while now, but it has only ever been for an hour or so and never on his own.

So I’ve said before but the international school here on Praslin starts in reception 1 (3yrs old) right up to 6th form where they do A-levels (18yrs old).  Reception 1 is essentially nursery.  The school follows the British curriculum so kids are doing as they would be in the UK.

To help get the little ones settled they are allowed to start in Reception 1 in the half term that they turn 3 years old.  So Arthur is starting this last half term of the school year
We agreed with his teacher that Arthur would just come in for the mornings for now.  He will go full time in September.

So, on the 30th May Arthur got his little school uniform on and off we went to school.  I tried to get lots of obligatory first day of school pictures, Arthur was not all that interested in that though!!

Arthur has started school


Arthur has started school

It is a moment I’ve been trying to prepare myself for for what feels like ages now.  I won’t lie, I’ve got myself upset many times just thinking about it all!!

arthur has started school

arthur has started school

We walked into school and his teacher met us outside, she took Arthur to the classroom and off he went.  He gave me a kiss and said “bye bye mummy!”  I was so proud at how he took it all in his stride!

I managed to hold back my tears until I got to the car where I allowed myself to have a couple minutes before telling myself to get a grip!!!

We are in the amazing situation that we know everyone at school really well and everyone has known Arthur since he was born so I knew that there were so many people there looking out for him…..including of course Mark, being the headteacher!  I think he found a few extra reasons to pop down and have a little peek in the class for Arthur’s first day!!

I had lots of texts from different people, updating me through the morning letting me know what Arthur was up to which I loved!

Freddie and I had a nice quiet morning together, we had lots of stories and cuddles before his nap.  I then had a couple hours to myself for the first time in AGES!!  I didn’t really know what to do with myself and as a result wasn’t all that productive!!

When I went to pick Arthur up he was really happy to see me and Freddie but didn’t want to go home, a good sign for sure!!  We managed to get him in the car and then we had a lovely quiet and cuddley afternoon at home.

That evening, we got an email with lots of photos from Arthur’s first day by his teacher, it made my day to get a peek into what he had been up to that day!

Arthur has started school

Arthur has started school


Arthur has started school

After a couple of days we’ve got into the swing of it  now those couple of hours when Freddie is napping flies by as I get as much done as I possibly can – I had visions of being able to spend more time blogging, that REALLY hasn’t happened!!

It’s now been 2 weeks of school for Arthur and he’s absolutely loving it.  He is settling in so well, we really couldn’t be more proud of him.

His teacher tells us that he’s joining in with activities more and more every day which makes me really happy to hear.  Arthur comes home and sings songs he’s learned at school, it amazes us how quickly he’s picked things up!!

Arthur has been napping again in the afternoon most days after school, he comes home so happy but tired.

I know that starting school has been so good for him in so many ways but particularly for getting to socialise with other kids his own age!

For me its really nice to see him coming out of his shell with other people, he has always been quite shy around people he doesn’t know. I can see his confidence growing in even this short time.

I felt really sad at the ‘end of an era’ of having my now not so little guy at home with me every day, but seeing how happy he is and how good it has been for him has really helped me to get over that. We are now celebrating the start of the school era for Arthur!

12 thoughts on “Arthur has started school”

  • He looks really happy 🙂 I definitely think it’s harder on us…it’s sort of bittersweet, knowing they’re going to love it but having to wave goodbye to our “babies”. Big hug mama xx #myexpatfamily

  • Yay! Go Arthur! These milestones fly past so quickly. One minute they are a tiny baby in your arms and the next they are heading to school. How cute are the songs they sing? I love it. My kids are in nursery at the moment and I will be an absolute mess when they start school!

  • He looks so grown up in the photos! In Mexico children start kindergarten at age 3 (or sometimes before turning 3). They seem so little, but it’s great for them to learn to socialise with other kids and become more independent. #MyExpatFamily

    • I agree, the difference in the way Arthur is socialising with other kids already in just a couple of weeks is huge and his confidence is growing massively too, i was definitely worried about it all but he’s benefiting so much!!

  • That is so sweet. And amazing that you know most of the people at his school – that will really help Arthur and you as well. I think first schools and most middle schools in the UK are amazing. The problem is the high school stage – and not just in the UK either. Teenagers are going through so much physically and mentally and schools need to be more helpful with that! Not sure what the solution is, I just know that it is very hard – for both the kids and the parents. But, you’re a while away from that right now 🙂 #MyExpatFamily
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  • It’s great that he’s enjoying school so much! It can be hard to send them off on their own – my daughter has just started nursery, and it’s been a difficult adjustment for us so far. I just keep telling myself that the socialisation will be good for her.

  • Aw, they grow up so quick don’t they? Made me a bit teary reading this as our oldest is about the same age (a few months older) and also starting some nursery mornings now. He has done a couple of trials a while back, so think have got over the ‘teary bit’ (me that is!) but he’ll start going regularly soon and although I know it’ll be good for him, can’t help feeling a bit sad he’s not a baby any more. Over here in SF pre-school is so expensive though, so he’ll only go a couple of mornings, so have a while to get used to the idea of full time school! Sounds like Arthur is doing great – and how nice to know his dad’s not too far away too! Sounds like a great school. x
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  • He looks so happy, he is going to love September. Our baby, Mini EE, who is 21 months, started at the school Creche a few months ago now. She goes for the full school day and is loving her time there, she is really benefiting from having friends her own age and as the school day finishes around 2 we still have plenty of time together. Our children have always gone to Mr EE’s school and I think it does make a difference as I have never been worried or emotional about them starting school.
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