Arthur is 35 months old

Arthur is 35 months old!  Our oh so nearly three year old, feels so weird to write that, I’ve only just settled in to calling him a 2 year old!

Arthur is 35 months old

As awful as it is to say it, this month has kinda been a bit of a countdown one.  We haven’t been able to help but focus our attention to the end of May – the 30th to be exact.  This is the date that Arthur starts going to school.  
To clear up any potential confusion, I mean nursery.  But the school here, like many international schools I believe, starts at 3yrs old right the way through to 18.  Everything he will be doing is the same as he’d be doing in any other nursery following a British curriculum!  

Now I’ve got that out the way.  Arthur’s official school start is September, however the school allows you to enrol your child the half term that they turn three.  As Arthur is a June baby he will be able to complete the last half term of this school year, starting May 30th.  He is just going to do mornings.  
Arthur has done little visits into school for a while now, but this month we have gone more frequently.  He absolutely loves it and is always asking to go to school.  

We have bought him his little tiny school uniform which consists of a green t-shirt (infants, juniors and secondary all have different colours) navy blue shorts and little black plimsoles.  It’s so cute.

Arthur is 35 months old.  First school uniform

I know he’s going to be amazing and have a great time, I am so excited for him, I will miss him so much though, think that’s a whole post in itself!

Aside from school it has kind of been a quiet month for us.  I’ve been struggling with some rather yucky skin and so haven’t been feeling like getting out too much!!

Quite a big thing for Arthur is that he’s just started to do stand up wees!  Up until now he’s always just sat down, and I’ll be honest I’ve not been in any hurry to change it.  
So stand up wees, they are pretty messy!!!!  Aim is definitely something we need to work on!

Arthur spends more and more time out in the garden, he loves to watch millipedes, geckos, skinks, snails and anything else he can find!  Him and Koopa can so often be found out exploring together!  

Arthur is 35 months old

We have bananas growing in the garden and he absolutely loves seeing that and takes anyone who comes round to see them.  Annoyingly I think our first lot will be ripe when we are in the UK this summer, I’m hoping I’m wrong though!!!

This month Arthur is really liking his Duplo.  His favourite movies right now are Planes and Cars and he has a Duplo plane and tractor.  Actually, he loves playing with any cars, or turning random things into a car!

Arthur’s speech continues to improve and everyone tells me to expect a ‘language explosion’ once he starts school too.  

I will be sure to update soon on how my 

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