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Arthur is 28 months

Arthur is 28 months old

Arthur is now 28 months old. It kinda dawned on me this month that Arthur really is 2 now, I know that probably sounds a bit weird seeing as his birthday is in June and it’s now almost November, but he is no longer “only just 2” he’s well and truly 2!

We are well into the depths of “the terrible 2’s” too, this boy can throw an epic tantrum! We’ve started seeing him throw himself to the floor at times, make himself ridiculously hard to pick up and lots of yelling. It can be really hard work!! I mostly feel sorry for him at these times as I can see just how frustrated he is over things. I have definitely found myself losing my temper with him too though, which then quickly turns to lots of guilt. I hate getting cross with him, I don’t ever want to tum into that shouty mummy.

For this next month we are going to try to start implementing the naughty step. Im hoping it might help us all deal with things a little bit better!! I’ll be sure to update next month how we get on with that, wish us luck!

On the total flip of the coin Arthur is mostly a really happy boy, he makes us laugh so much and he continues to be so so loving.

He LOVES to sing and dance, mostly to Peppa pig and Thomas the tank engine!! It’s so cute and always brings a smile to our faces!! Even if he’s in a tantrum if a song comes on he likes he will stop to sing and dance along, it’s very funny!

Arthur also loves story time! He loves to join in when Mark and I read to him, especially with the Gruffalo and Stick Man.

He is so affectionate to Freddie, I had wondered if the novelty would ware off a little once Mark went back to work and routine started but it hasn’t at all. Freddie has got to be one of his most used words right now!!

Speaking of words, Arthur’s speech continues to develop lots and lots! I think all the singing is helping him with his sentence forming! He is really starting to get the idea of putting words together now, so we are really proud of him for that!

We continue to be impressed with Arthur’s potty training. We have in fact moved from the potty to the toilet. He’s still wearing his nappy at night time as a just in case, but more often then not that is dry too. I’m not in a rush to stop this as he sleeps so well I am worried about disturbing that but I guess we need to bite the bullet with that at some point!

Arthur’s favourite things this month!

I thought id start a new section of these monthly updates where I share some of Arthur’s current favourite things, it changes so frequently and so I figured it would be nice to look back on this!!

Arthur is really enjoying playing with his wooden train set, we have just a small figure of eight one for now. He loves making up the rails himself and pushing the trains along. I had been trying to get him to play with this for ages and all of a sudden he has started showing an interest in it. I think it has developed from his love of Thomas the Tank Engine and him starting to understand what trains are, because of course we don’t have them here to show him!

His current favourite stories to read during the day time are
I need a wee by Sue Hendra

This book is so cute and funny, Arthur is all about the toilet right now, seeing as he’s a little potty trained pro and so this book is perfect!!

and One by One by Judy Hindley

Arthur loves counting so it’s no surprise he loves that one. He can count to ten already, I think it comes from us counting anything and everything together!!

His favourite thing to watch is Inside Out. This movie is so so cute and I love watching it too, everyone wins!

Of course Arthur is still loving our little puppy Koopa they play together lots and now we have started taking Koopa for walks Arthur gets to run around with him on the beach too!!

Arthur is also loving brushing his teeth right now! He plays a little app on the iPad where you have to brush the monsters teeth which has I think demonstrated to him really clearly the brushing action!! I’m pretty sure the Peppa Pig toothpaste helps too!!! This is something that I hope he continues to enjoy, we went through teeth brushing battles in the past so I am loving that he’s into this right now!

Think thats all for now! As always, I will be back with another Arthur update next month!

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