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Arthur and Freddie {October 2015}

So a month has passed already and it’s time for a little Arthur and Freddie siblings update!!

These two continue to be so gorgeous together!!

Arthur and Freddie. Siblings, brothers, toddler & newborn

Arthur still just can not get enough of his baby brother, he wants to be touching him all the time. He is especially into holding Freddie’s hands it’s so sweet.
Arthur and Freddie. Brothers
Freddie loves to watch his big brother. The thing is, is that Arthur wants to be so so close to him that he can get a bit overwhelmed sometimes. Poor Arthur doesn’t quite get that Freddie doesn’t really love being all squished when he cuddles him all the time!!  Arthur tries his hardest to be so gentle with him, he is such a softie.
Arthur and Freddie. Brothers. Cuddles

Freddie is still very much my secret weapon to wake Arthur up, he doesn’t get grumpy at all if he is there and they have the loveliest of cuddles!

I am still really sure that Arthur and Freddie will be such buddies, especially if Arthur has anything to do with it. If Freddie isn’t in the room he is asking after him. If he hears him cry he goes to him. When Arthur comes into our bedroom he goes straight to Freddie and says “morning Freddie!” It couldn’t really be any cuter!!

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