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An Expat Christmas

An expat Christmas

This year will be our 3rd Christmas as expats, and our second as parents!

An Expat Christmas

Last year was obviously special as it was Arthur’s first Christmas and we made a big of a deal as we could by doing a big British Christmas dinner with our closest friends. However, as much as we love living in the Seychelles (and we really do!), we can’t help but find Christmas a bit of an anti climax. Hearing Rudolph the red nose reindeer and Santa Clause is coming to town just doesn’t seem right on a tropical island!!!

But this year, we are doing something a bit different and heading to Sri Lanka.

With this in mind our parents have sent our Christmas presents out early to us. So we could have our Christmas early, truly an expat Christmas.

Now, we have fallen out of love with the postal system here of late. When we first moved here it would take 10 working days for post to arrive with Royal Mail. Now we are lucky if it gets here within a month.
My parents sent stuff over with plenty of time and two packages have yet to arrive. To give credit to the Seychelles Postal system we’ve never had anything not turn up….one package took 6 months, but it still got here.

Mark’s sister works for a big courier company and so his family sent stuff with them. We had a phone call a couple days later to say it had been seized by Seychelles customs office. We are now dealing with a clearing agent to get that….I guess chocolate and Christmas presents for a 18month old is pretty serious stuff to be sending!!!!

As our internet allowance here is pretty restricted…..9GB/month we live for the weekends skyping our families. We get an additional 2.5GB internet to use each weekend!

So with us leaving for Sri Lanka on Saturday (13th) we arranged for our expat Christmas Skype with my family to be this Saturday just gone.
We arranged our time to fit in with everyone and Mark, Arthur and I sat on our bed with our presents chatting to my Mum, Dad, Brother and the dog. To me it felt just as good as our previous two Christmases here!! Just as much excitement and fun!

I’m hoping we can get our remaining packages this week before we go and go wild and do mid week video Skypes to our families before we go, if not it will be something to look forward to when we are back!!

My parents have sent a couple things for us to take away to open on Christmas Day so we still can make some kind of event of the real thing!
The hotel we are staying at is also putting on some kind of big special dinner too so that should be fun!
Mark and I have decided to buy presents for each other when we are in Sri Lanka. Just small things, again to have something to open!

Arthur will have his Christmas present from us when we are back, we are having an easel made for him while we are gone!!

To me this whole thing kind of sums up being an expat.
Having Christmas at the beginning of December via Skype and then off seeing the world for the big day itself!!

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13 thoughts on “An Expat Christmas”

  • I love cold Christmases (Kazakhstan was guaranteed White Christmas -20 or lower) and I love warm Christmases. I guess I just love Christmas! Enjoy Sri Lanka and have a good time celebrating on holiday. Can’t wait to see the photos.
    Ersatz Expat recently posted…Expat MemoriesMy Profile

  • That really does sum expat Christmas up perfectly. I feel your pain with regard to the post – even though Italy is not exactly far from the UK, we have had massive issues with getting stuff sent. Last year M’s Christmas parcel from his grandma actually went missing entirely 🙁 Hope you get it all sorted soon.
    I get what you mean about Christmas being a bit of an anticlimax in some places. When I lived in Japan, where Christmas Day isn’t a holiday, it felt very odd! Lots of my non-Japanese tended to go away, to places like Thailand.
    I’m sure that you will have a fantastic and very memorable Christmas in Sri Lanka. It’s great to be able to make the most of these weird expat situations and turn them into great opportunities to discover something new, isn’t it? Have fun xxx
    Eline @ Pasta & Patchwork recently posted…{Expat Life} Back to Britain: Would we do it?My Profile

  • Hope you have a great expat Christmas, despite it not being the same. I totally agree that ‘Skype’ is the the best part ever – as an expat at Christmas! It means so, so much, to ‘have’ our folks ‘in’ our living room with us (only problem is here in NZ we’re drinking coffee in the morning, when they are drinking wine!). Ha! Oh well.

    Last year we were in Santa Barbara, California, and it was gorgeous – warm and sunny during the day, but dark at 5pm so we could enjoy the twinkling lights and festive feel.
    Sarah recently posted…It’s beginning to feel like home againMy Profile

  • A hot Christmas … I’ve only ever had one of those (we only moved from the UK to the Netherlands so our expat life is as cold as ever, ha!). But, Christmas is all about the spirit. It’ll be a great family time wherever you are. Although … can you get mulled wine in Sri Lanka?! – have a brilliant festive season. #MyExpatFamily
    Milly recently posted…SleepMy Profile

  • This really does sum up what Christmas is like as an expat! I think your approach this year is wonderful, if Christmas is going to be different, then you may as well make the most of it and travel for it 🙂 Have a wonderful time in Sri Lanka, I look forward to hearing all about it xx
    Sara (@mumturnedmom) recently posted…The Prompt 47My Profile

  • Christmas under the sun is so weird, it’s the one thing I can’t get used to as an expat. I love summer I looooove Christmas but somehow the two combined really don’t work for me. The wintery themed decoration are so out o place it makes it worse. This will be our fourth warm Christmas, and I have finally found how to embrace it fully: http://www.littleworldcitizens.com/christmas-summer/

    Do you ever go back home to celebrate it with family?

    Sri Lanka must be amazing, can’t wait to see pictures! Enjoy your trip and Merry Christmas! (Your boy is so cute!)
    Charlotte recently posted…10 idées cadeaux pour enfants autres que des jouetsMy Profile

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