A real family get together {The Ordinary Moments} #11

I’m back from being a little MIA and it’s time to link up with Katie again for this weeks Ordinary Moments.


You may have read my first Ordinary Moments post about our Skype family get togethers. Well, we’ve had a month of real life family time with my mum and dad being here and it was amazing.



I went to meet them at the airport with Arthur and he definitely didn’t act like he was meeting strangers so I really do think all that skype time helped!!

It was so lovely to see Arthur get to know my mum and dad and for them to get to know him. These moments became ‘ordinary’ for a month but we all enjoyed every second as unfortunately it’s not always the case!

Of course they spoiled Arthur rotten and he absolutely loved all the fuss that was made of him, he became really close with them.  It was the first time I have seen him be like that with anyone outside of me and Mark.  He was so relaxed around them.

Having them here was really good for me too, it made me relax.  At the same time Mark was off work for Easter holidays so for me it was amazing having all that help with Arthur when usually it’s just me while Mark is working.

We had loads of time swimming, being at the beach, BBQing and just generally spending good time together.

They left on Friday Morning and we’ve already had a quick video chat! We are going to the UK in the summer and I already can’t wait, I know they can’t wait either!


Happy Sunday (oo its Easter, happy Easter!)


16 thoughts on “A real family get together {The Ordinary Moments} #11”

  • Sounds like a really amazing time and I bet you loved watching them together. Hope you see them again soon x

  • Sounds like you have had an amazing few weeks! Must of be so lovely for you to have your parents there! xx

  • So glad you had such a wonderful visit. Those relationships – the ones between parents and your children, really are the most wonderful to witness! #OrdinaryMoments

  • Glad you all had great time together 🙂 my family stays abroad and when they are around every second is precious , so I understand how much fun it would have been! Bebe had the same thing with her grandparents as all the FaceTime helped. Hope you all have fun together in summer 🙂 x

  • Sounds like an amazing time with family. There is nothing better in the world. So glad they were able to come visit and spend quality time with you all. And that you get to come to the UK in the summer too. Lovely picture. #ordinarymoments

  • This is my dream for my parents, family to see my son. We skype earlier and my son doesnt want to say goodbye and it broke my heart that this is the only way for himto see them. Thanks for sharing your moments. It means a lot to me. Gives me hope that one day I will write a post as sweet as this =) #OrdinaryMoments

  • So sorry that your month together is over but glad you had such a lovely time and that you already have the next visit planned – I don’t think the weather in the UK will be quite up to your usual standards! x

  • Aww it must have been so lovely for all of you, and especially nice for you to be able to relax a little! Amazing how much we take having family close by for granted really! Sorry it had to end but lovely that you have your summer trip to look forward to 🙂 xx #theordinarymoments

  • Ah so lovely to see you back and so glad you had a wonderful time with your Mum and Dad, I bet you have made hundreds of memories to treasure. Although I see my family all the time, I bet you have proper quality time when you don’t have enough of it. I am sure you are already looking forward to the next time. Happy Easter lovely. x

  • Oh how wonderful for all of you, that must have been a really special month, lots of ordinary moments that were extraordinary for being all the more treasured!

  • it myust have been wonderful having your parents to stay and for them and for Arthur to make some special memories together. i def think being able to make video telephone calls helps for families to keep in touch and be familiar with be another. lovely family time for you all x x

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